Virtuoso Spanking

In her post yesterday, Mrs. Lion promised a play spanking. I’m writing this on the same day as her post even though you will see it the next day. She mentioned that spankings, play, and disciplinary have been getting shorter. I’ve noticed that too. I’m not sure why. She said:

“He’s said for a while that punishment swats should last for five minutes or more. I don’t normally do that. Play spankings should certainly last a lot longer than that. I’m not used to long play sessions anymore. I guess I have to build up more stamina.”

When it comes to punishment, I’m happy when Mrs. Lion doesn’t go on too long. Her disciplinary swats are nothing to sneeze at. Let’s face it, paddles are the most unpleasant butt-swatting implements. They may not do the most damage; canes and single-tails do that. Paddles sting. Even heavy ones sting at the same time they provide deeper pain. Mrs. Lion exclusively uses paddles for spanking me.

My bottom is fairly difficult to mark or make hurt after the spanking is done. I’ve learned a few things about what works and doesn’t in that department. When Mrs. Lion concentrates her attention to the area just above the crease at the bottom of my butt, where it starts to bulge out, I’m more likely to feel the fruit of her labors the next day or two. If she persists for at least 300 swats, hard ones, she will mark me. We learned that when she was doing spanking experiments.

Swats to the sides of my bottom hurt the most during a spanking. They almost never hurt later. Hard swats inside my crack are also particularly unpleasant to receive and can hurt for quite a while later. Where Mrs. Lion marks me almost never corresponds to where it hurts after she’s done. I don’t understand that. The marks tend to appear in the same spots.

As you might have guessed, I’ve learned a lot over the years. Spanking is a bit like playing an instrument. The more you practice the better you get. I think the biggest loss from short spankings is that Mrs. Lion doesn’t “play” the entire instrument. It takes time to concentrate on each area. Maybe it’s time to strike up the lion.

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