More Work to Do

Why am I in the office on a Thursday? Our system is still down so the powers that be decided it would be better for me to be in the office to help with the increased workload. The real answer is that there’s no reason. The only thing I can’t do from home is make phone calls. I don’t want the clients to have my home or cell number. I’m just hoping this problem gets fixed before next week.

We haven’t been doing much for the past few days. We’ve both been chilly and want to stay under the covers. Last night I massaged and tugged on my weenie for a bit but he didn’t get hard. I asked if Lion wanted to come out and play. He said he was too cold. A little while later he said he thought he might be able to be aroused and wasn’t sure why it wasn’t happening. Tonight I’m going to crank the heat up or bring in a space heater so we’re warm enough to play.

If Lion had come out from under the covers, I was planning on giving him a play spanking. We haven’t done that in a long time. A play spanking can get just as intense as a punishment spanking. The difference is how it starts. Punishment is all business. It starts out hard and fast. Play spankings have more fondling and love taps in the beginning. They build up to punishment-level swats but his buns have time to get used to the idea.

Once we started punishment swats, I backed off of play spankings. I guess I figured it would send the wrong message. However, since they start out differently and he knows when he’s getting punished versus played with, I think we’re okay to do play spankings. I guess the wildcard is me. I have to remember to build things up. The few times we’ve done play spankings, I’ve ramped up very quickly. I have to remember to take it slow. He needs time to adjust to harder swats. I also have to work on the length of time I spank him.

He’s said for a while that punishment swats should last for five minutes or more. I don’t normally do that. Play spankings should certainly last a lot longer than that. I’m not used to long play sessions anymore. I guess I have to build up more stamina. The good news is that Lion won’t mind being my crash test dummy while I work on these things.