A Nice Start

One thing Lion’s play spanking made clear to me is that I am very out of practice. I know I have paddles, but I used to be able to hit him a lot harder with my bare hands. And my arms got tired. Clearly I need to lift weights and get more practice. I don’t think Lion will mind.

Naturally, I didn’t leave any marks or bruising on him, although it did look like a bruise might be forming. It’ll take more than that to make a lasting impression on his tough hide. I used a few different lightweight paddles. I couldn’t tell you exactly how long I swatted him. I know it was longer than it has been, even in punishment form. My goal was not to bruise him or even do a marathon session. I just wanted to get started again. I know Lion loves to be spanked. As long as we both know the difference between punishment and play, we’ll be fine.

Speaking of punishment, I noticed that he didn’t remind me about punishment day in his first email. Sometimes he realizes later on in our back and forth emails, but he didn’t mention it. I was swamped at work and I forgot all about it until Lion asked what time it was just after I started spanking him. It was 8:27. Whew! He remembered it was punishment day. I don’t think he’s ever cut it so close. His rule is that he has to tell me before 8:30 PM. I reminded him that the play spanking could have turned into a punishment spanking if he hadn’t remembered. Not really. I wouldn’t have thought of it till I was done spanking him anyway.

Despite my starting off with swats reminiscent of the first time I ever spanked him and slowly ramping up the power, Lion still didn’t make it to the edge last night. I thought for sure he just needed a little incentive. He was hard for a long time, but he just couldn’t get there. He “complained” that I got him very horny and he’s frustrated. I think if he was really horny and frustrated, he’d be getting to the edge quicker and multiple times. I think he’s holding out on me. I think he just wants me to do more evil things to him. Humor the poor Lion and he’ll get hard and make it to the edge. Uh huh. Sure. That might work unless I head straight for the IcyHot, Velcro or tiny clothespins. Silly boy.