A Standing Ovation

Don’t get me wrong, I love being male, but there are certain disadvantages. My external genitals provide unsubtle feedback to my partners. This was particularly true when I was younger. A stray thought about sex would have me at full attention. Thinking back, I wonder if women notice that telltale bulge. If they do, most pretend not knowing I was happy with the current situation.

When I was exploring BDSM with a partner who knew as little as me, my penis betrayed me time after time. “Want me to tie you down and spank you? she asked.

I didn’t answer immediately. I didn’t have to. She reached down and rubbed the growing bulge in my jeans. She undid my belt and pulled down my jeans and underpants. She grabbed my cock and said, “Finish undressing.”

I did. She also got naked. Nice! She told me to lie facedown on the bed. That proved a little uncomfortable. My cock was pressed hard into our futon. She tied me spreadeagle and spanked me with a paddle and crop. I loved it. So did she. When she untied me, she told me to mount her. We both came very quickly.

I’m less responsive nowadays, but my cock still gives me away. When Mrs. Lion approaches with Icy Hot, I usually get hard. She finds that very amusing. She knows how much I hate the way it burns my balls and perineum. She can mitigate the pain by masturbating me after she slathers it on me. I can authoritatively assert that pain is reduced by sexual arousal.

Similarly, I get aroused when clothespins of various types are affixed to my nether region. Some of them really hurt. Again, Mrs. Lion will masturbate me to help reduce the discomfort she inflicted. What a lioness!

Mrs. Lion is fond of telling me that I really like these painful activities no matter what I say. I’ve learned to keep quiet at those times. She’s right, I guess I do. One activity that doesn’t get a standing ovation from me is anal play. I stubbornly remain flaccid during butt plug and dildo activities. Ironically, I stand at attention when I think about Mrs. Lion doing those things to me. Go figure!

As you probably guessed, I am not hard when I am spanked. Even if I’m erect when Mrs. Lion begins, my penis is in full retreat within a minute of her starting. If I’m getting a play spanking, I may stay hard much longer. Eventually, the pain of the spanking discourages frontal arousal.

I’ve noticed that once an activity is an established part of our repertoire, my cock may not rise when activity is imminent. Mrs. Lion doesn’t need the visual cue. She got my standing ovation a long time ago.

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  1. Eight years of real experience now getting spanked by men and women, I’ve never gotten hard before or during. I think of it as a partition in my mind that separates “sex” from “spanking”.

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