We slept late (for us) both weekend days: 9:30 AM,this weekend. That throws us off. We end up eating breakfast at nearly 11. That means we won’t want lunch until 2, which in turn spoils dinner. When this happens, Mrs. Lion has trouble tracking time for other things, namely sexual activity for me. Today, Sunday is day 21. This is exactly a week shy of my longest wait and a week longer than my average 14 days prior to asking for more, please.

I’m not complaining, at least not yet. Since the sore appeared on my penis nearly two weeks ago, it has been too painful for me to enjoy being stimulated. Two days ago, I felt better. But when Mrs. Lion tried masturbating me, it was uncomfortable if she moved her hand to her usual jerk-off-the-lion position. Oh well.

Today (Sunday), I am almost completely healed. If Mrs. Lion is up to it, I can probably be teased. Even though it’s been three weeks since I ejaculated, a test run (edging) might be in order for at least a couple of days. Before you start writing an angry comment, I’m not topping from the bottom. We’ve both discovered that after a period of not being edged, going straight for ejaculation is less fun for both of us. It isn’t so much how long it’s been since my last ejaculation, as it is how many days of edging I’ve received that governs my reactions.

Mrs. Lion has written that maybe she will make me wait over 20 days a few times, then go to four days for a while. That way I would get used to ejaculating after just a few days. Then she would switch to over 20 again. That would make it harder for me. It makes sense, I think. It has gotten easier for me to wait longer. Even though three weeks have passed, I’m not really desperate. Part of it may be that I didn’t expect to come for three weeks.

I think a better explanation is the lack of teasing. This time it was because of the sore. Last time, it was my lack of ability to reach the edge. Once Mrs. Lion could get me really close, my interest in ejaculating grew exponentially. Perhaps the best way to decide how long to keep me waiting is to start the clock when I get within inches of the edge. Until that happens, the teasing is really fun but I am not particularly anxious to get off. Once Mrs. Lion is able to push me all the way, I start getting desperate for release.

Does that mean the four-day or twenty-day clocks don’t start until I am able to get to the edge? If so, then I have a big investment in getting that clock started.

For example, right now — the 21st day — I haven’t been to the edge once. I know I should be really horny. Intellectually, I am, but I doubt my penis will respond that way. It has “forgotten” about ejaculating. That’s the reason for all the edging. Without it, my sexual system seems to start to snooze after a while. My mind still wants sex, but my body gets a take-it-or-leave-it attitude. One good edging session changes that. All systems are go and I want to ejaculate.

If nothing happens today, tomorrow, or the next day, no big deal. I might be a little grumpy for lack of attention, but my body isn’t demanding it. As soon as Mrs. Lion gets me close to ejaculationg, things change. Each day she edges me and stops gets harder and harder to take. Last time, she got me off on the 20th day, but actually it was only the third day she got me to the very edge. Before that, I was having fun without getting too close.

I’m pretty sure that she will have no problem getting me to the edge tonight or whatever night she chooses. When she lets me ejaculate is the big, juicy question.


The NY Giants played the Dallas Cowboys. We played Spankball. The final score was 37 to 34, Cowboys on top. That was a total of 71 points. In addition there was one Giants turnover. That added up to 144 swats for me. Apparently, Mrs. Lion took my suggestion about hitting more in the lower-center of my bottom. See below.

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