We are on weenie watch. The sore on my weenie looks nasty. I’m sure it’s trying to get better and sometimes sores look worse before they get better. Last night Lion wondered if he should go to the emergency room. We decided to wait until morning to see if it had improved. The thing that’s alarming us is that it’s sore to the touch. Yes, a sore should be sore, but not all sores are as sensitive as this one seems to be. The last I heard, we’re waiting another day to see if it improves.

Lion spilled some chocolate on his shirt the other night. If it doesn’t make a stain, he’s fine. This made a stain. I owe him swats. I know one side has nothing to do with the other but I feel bad spanking him when my weenie is sore. I’m too nice. I’ll have to do it tonight before too much time has passed.

He wants me to punish him for annoying me while I was in the middle of my whatever-it-was last week. I was barely functioning. Everything was bothering me. I don’t think it’s fair to punish him for anything that happened for those few days. That’s it. We’re done talking about it. If he asks me about it again, I may have no choice but to punish him for annoying me by asking.

In true can’t-keep-his-mouth-shut fashion, he reminded me in an email this morning I owe him the swats for spilling chocolate on his shirt the other day. I told him to make sure he softens up his buns for me. I don’t want him bleeding all over my paddle.

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