Spankball Losses All Around

We started off okay. Our team looked a bit better than last year. They were still in the game after the first quarter. Lion was taking his swats with the rubber paddle. And then our team started playing like they had last year. Into the second quarter they were doing pretty bad with very few bright spots and Lion was snoozing. Just before halftime, there was a score. I decided to let Lion snooze. I could swat him when he woke up.

Initially, I thought we’d play at half time. We could have paused the game at any time, but half time seemed like a logical break in the action. However, it was getting late and Lion was already snoozing. He woke up briefly, asked if someone had scored, said he was too tired to do anything and went back to sleep. No big deal. We can play Spankball when our team plays next weekend. I don’t see the need to play it with every game we watch.

I’d be more concerned with his snoozing if it weren’t for the smoke in our area. We’re used to sleeping with the window open and sometimes we have the fan or air conditioner on. It hasn’t been very warm around here with the smoke cover but having air moving helps. Of course, it’s better when it’s fresh air. There hasn’t been much fresh air in over a week. That makes it difficult to sleep. I’m hoping we’ll do better tonight.

We now have a magnetic white board in the bedroom for keeping track of how many days Lion has been waiting. I figured he’d just write the number, but he bought refrigerator magnet numbers. I haven’t really looked to see what the highest number is that I can create. I did tease him that he had the right numbers to do 365. [Lion comments — There are enough numbers to to to 9,999] I really don’t know how long I’ll make him wait. I also don’t know how long he wants to wait. He must have a number in mind. Or maybe he just knows he wants to wait longer than fourteen days which has been the longest I normally make him wait if I want to push him. So far he’s up to fifteen. The longest he’s ever waited is twenty-eight days. He’s halfway there.


  1. He wants to wait as long as you want him to – it’s the lack of control on his part that’s the fun part.

    1. Exactly right!

  2. Author

    I wasn’t suggesting he decide when he has an orgasm. I was merely saying he may have something in mind. I wouldn’t know it unless he told me and then I might not necessarily care. We’re waiting until I decide the time is up.

    1. I’m reasonably sure he just told you that the magnets could support an interval up to 9,999 days. Sounds like a reasonable goal to me. He really needs to go well beyond 28 days. You’re way too easy on him. Wanting an orgasm and getting an orgasm should be divorced from the decision making process.

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