Monday Night Spankball

It’s difficult to tell if Lion is horny because he’s just horny or because of the cage. It could be a little of both. I enticed him more last night by tying his balls up tightly. He loves that. And then I edged him to the point that he couldn’t move at first when I was done with him. I like that. He’s already hinting today that he wants to be unlocked.

Tonight is the first game of the season for our NY Giants. We didn’t play our football spanking game yesterday. I was saving it for tonight. Added to the regular two swats for each point scored, there are swats added for a Giants fumble if they don’t recover and for each interception that’s our players’ fault. Of course, these are subjective things, but I don’t want to swat him if the other team makes a really good play that results in an interception. It’s not always our player’s fault that turnovers happen. On the other hand, when our quarterback throws to a spot where there are no players other than the opposing team, there’s no excuse for that.

Lion has absolutely no control over any of these things. He doesn’t play football. It’s just a game we came up with to make things interesting. Lion’s butt gets a workout and I get practice swatting. Win-win. It also celebrates the return of football which is very exciting. It’s really the only sport we watch and we miss it when it’s gone.

Depending on what time we start watching the game (we record it so we can watch when it’s convenient and we can zip through commercials), we’ll either stop after the first quarter or at halftime for fun time. He was easier to get to the edge the other night when we played Spankball the first night of football. Clearly that helps him. I think any attention helps him.

I bet Lion is hoping for a low scoring game tonight. With two swats per point plus a swat for some errors, his buns might be very red by halftime.