Nineteen Zaps for Penalties & 33 Swats for Points Scored

The only thing good about the Giants right now is that next week is a bye week so they can’t lose. I decided on Saturday that we would play our football game while watching the Giants since that’s the only game we’re guaranteed to watch. I’ll have to pick another game for next week.

Part of the way through the game, Eli Manning threw yet another interception. It’s true that the offensive line isn’t much help to him but he can throw to the correct color jersey. If he’s in doubt, he should look at the color he’s wearing before he makes a throw. I decided I should do something to Lion when Eli throws an interception or fumbles the ball. I didn’t want it to be a zap or a swat. Those are for penalties and points. However, since I’ve been using the tenderizer paddle, Lion suggested a swat with the tenderizer side. That works. It’s different enough.

Last week I hadn’t intended to swat harder for opposition points. When the Giants scored their first pathetic field goal, Lion noted that I was hitting harder when the Giants scored. Maybe I overcompensated. Maybe I’m just annoyed that the Giants can’t score a damn touchdown. Maybe I’m tired of losing every week. That’s obviously no reason to take it out on Lion. If anything, I probably varied the strength of the swats from one score to the next for the remainder of the game. At least that was the goal.

Before we watched the game, I waxed Lion. I did the front side, except for armpits, and then Lion suggested only doing his thighs and butt. We’ll circle back to the rest at a later date. I think I bruised him less this week. I also missed fur again. I think that’s to be expected. I’m not sure I’ll ever get it all. It’s not that I don’t try. It’s just difficult to see every tiny hair. And then some of them get stubborn and don’t want to come out no matter which direction the hair grows. It’s frustrating. I can always sneak up on them next time.

I had Lion pick from the Box O’Fun after the game. He chose figging. I’ll have to brush up on my ginger peeling skills. It’s been a while. Normally I pull the ginger out of the fridge right before I peel it. I wonder if it will have more of an effect if I let it get to room temperature first. It’s worth a shot.

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