I thought I had the perfect idea for playing last night. We haven’t used the Magic Wand in a long time. I wondered how Lion would react since he’s very horny. It may have been a perfect idea, but a better idea would have been to make sure it was charged.

On the fly, I decided to swat Lion’s balls. He hates that but conceded that it was better than my other idea of Icy Hot. He definitely would have hated that even more. However, I think he might have been more excited. That’s not exactly true though. My weenie was very hard when I started sucking him. He just lost some of his oomph along the way. I knew Lion was enjoying himself and would have gotten to the edge eventually, but I was sweating and tired. I had to stop. He said he liked it a lot when I was giving him a handjob while I was swatting him. Maybe the Magic Wand will live up to its name later.

While I was working on Lion last night, I was debating whether he should have an orgasm or not. I can see the arguments for and against. I guess it will all depend on how things are going when I get him to the edge. I had high hopes for last night when he was so hard. I’d like to test the theory that he’ll get horny more quickly if I lock him right back up after orgasm. But is that enough of a reason to give him one?

I know there’s no absolute rule to consult. We’re just making this stuff up on the fly. Lion probably both wants and doesn’t want to come depending on how excited he is at the moment. Closer to the edge I’d assume he wants to be put out of his misery. Of course, that might make me less inclined to allow it. Or not. I love giving him orgasms.