Not Convinced

I started feeling all headache-y again this morning. I assumed it was a sinus headache. Now it feels more like the migraine from the other day is still floating around in there. I hate that. Get over with already. If I sound even more spacey than usual, I’m blaming it on the headache.

Yesterday, we spent some time running around looking for fresh fruits and vegetables. We found some beets and cucumbers but we’d hoped for non-U-pick blueberries and raspberries. Maybe we’ll find them next weekend. It was nice to get out and explore the area though. Today I’ll search for canning supplies so we can pickle the cucumbers.

Last night I toyed with the idea of leaving Lion locked up since he said punishing him with only one extra day locked up didn’t have much effect. He also said leaving him locked up would likely not have much effect anyway. Oh well. I tried. I unlocked him, wrapped some Velcro around my weenie, and edged him a bunch of times.

I’m still not convinced I should keep edging him for a long time. I like giving him orgasms. Yes, it does take him a few days to recharge and get horny enough to edge again, but is that my fault? Why should I suffer? I want to give him an orgasm dammit! Yes, I like when he’s super horny. But I like giving him orgasms. Argh!

I’m also not convinced about the cage. I wonder if I give him an orgasm and then put him in the cage, would he get horny more quickly? That might be worth an experiment. I guess I’ll keep playing with him before I give in. But that may be an answer to his longer refractiory times. Being wild messes with it. Rats!

Lion is making dinner tonight. By the time I get home, things should be in the final stages. My fingers are crossed. It will be my third night of not cooking. I could get used to that.


  1. I hate, hate, hate being caged after an orgasm… until about 12 hours back in the cage when suddenly I’m much more aroused than I would be uncaged. It is switch that gets thrown in my mind about her control… it just works. Sounds like you would have similar luck with Lion.

    Do it.

    1. We’re all different.

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