I’m Not In The Mood. Really?

Mrs. Lion didn’t like it when I asked her a few times to lock me back up in a chastity device. She said I was whining. After a bit of discussion, she decided to punish me for annoying her. Since the whining was about being in a chastity device, she decided an appropriate punishment was to leave me locked up without teasing. I was to remain in the device without any play for a day.

It’s true that we do play pretty much every day. I was a little disappointed when she told me this. It didn’t have a big effect on me. I mentally shrugged. Apparently, this particular punishment means more to her than it does to me. While driving around yesterday, I brought the subject up. I told her that spanking was far more effective. I said that maybe leaving me locked up longer might have more impact. There’s a decent chance it won’t.

Even though I would really hate a long term withdrawal of BDSM and sex, I’m not sure that I would make the sort of mental connection that Mrs. Lion wants. Spanking, on the other hand, has an immediate, strong effect on me. Aside from the obvious pain, I also have a firm association between being paddled and misbehaving. For years now, it effectively trains me. If we had started out with withholding sex as a punishment, perhaps that would work too.

I can only speak for how things work for me. Orgasm control is practiced in widely different ways. In most respects, the male controls how this game works. Men over the age of 40 are unlikely to get so horny they’ll do anything to get off. That’s sort of thing is pure fantasy. In my case, wearing a chastity device has a strong effect on me that isn’t related to a craving to ejaculate.

When I’m locked into a device, I am very aware that Mrs. Lion is in charge. The presence of a locked device on my penis is absolutely obvious evidence of her power. That doesn’t mean the power comes from my yearning to ejaculate. When we first started, we had that idea. We both thought that as long as I actively craved sex, the orgasm denial was effective. At the point when I became more indifferent, it was time for an orgasm to restart the clock.

Do I stop caring if I don’t get to ejaculate often enough?

In a sense that was true. After about two weeks of lockup and teasing, my interest wasn’t particularly strong when Mrs. Lion wasn’t actively stimulating me. We interpreted this to mean my interest in sex was falling off. During the time I’ve been wild, I’ve gone through periods when I wasn’t interested in sex. Even though my penis was available all the time, I just didn’t get horny. It turns out that’s a normal part of my sexual cycle.

Okay, now that I’m in a cage is there some sign that tells us it’s time to reset my sexual clock? Since we know that I’ve gone through periods of a week or more being fairly unresponsive to Mrs. Lion trying to masturbate me, how would we know if this disinterest was caused by a need for ejaculation or just my cycle?

There’s another factor we haven’t considered in the past: Could it be that I get bored with the kind of attention I’m getting and that’s at the root of my lack of interest. For the longest time, Mrs. Lion used her hand to arouse me and almost always to get me off as well. I really got tired of it.

In the last couple of months, she has been using her mouth almost exclusively for both teasings and making me ejaculate. I’ve enjoyed this immensely. Still, I can get tired of this as well. These are the only two options we have right now. However, other things may keep things interesting.

For example, a couple of weeks ago she tied up my balls very tightly and while she did it she masturbated me. The tight bondage pulled the skin on my penis very tight. That sensitive spot on the underside, just below the head, was fully exposed and she was stimulating it. I loved that. At one point she stopped and went to her mouth. I was very happy with that too. If she didn’t make that change, I would’ve gone on very happily getting more and more excited by her hand.

When it comes to teasing me, apparently if something doesn’t work, try a new approach. The other discovery we made was that at times I thought things just couldn’t go any further and I even started to lose my erection, persistent continued stimulation proved me very wrong. I would get aroused and if Mrs. Lion wasn’t careful, would ejaculate fairly soon after she restarted my motor.

I can’t explain what’s going on. I think that all of us are unique. This is just our experience. The point is that more often than not, Mrs. Lion can get me as aroused as she wants. This is true even at times I think I’m “done”. Most of the time she listens to me when I say this. However, at the times she decided to ignore this comment she’s managed to push me just as far as she could when I was tree-humping hot.

All this goes to prove that I am not the best judge of my sexual interest. I shouldn’t be trusted to report when I am not interested. Orgasm control means that the state of my arousal is not up to me. We have very good evidence that Mrs. Lion has the ability to get me as aroused as she wants even if I say I’m not in the mood.