Back In My Cage (Male Chastity Device)

As Mrs. Lion mentioned in her post yesterday, “Let’s Stop Talking About Cheating (After This)“, I’m back in my cage. Specifically the Evotion Wearables Orion. As I’ve said before, this is the most comfortable chastity device I’ve ever worn. The fit is perfect. I can’t tell it’s there until I try to get hard. Then I can feel slight pressure. Unfortunately, there is a small problem.

I haven’t worn it in a few months. It’s been safely stored in a zip-lock bag put away in a drawer. It hasn’t been exposed to sunlight, moisture, or anything else, even me. When Mrs. Lion retrieved it, she noticed the color had changed. It went from a brilliant, candy-apple red to a rather dull pinkish color. We were both surprised. It seemed to still have some gloss; not as much as it had when I got it.

My Evotion Orion is fading. We took the picture on the right yesterday. The one on the left was taken when I first received the male chastity device. As you can see, the color has faded in just a few months.

Mrs. Lion had to work a bit to get it on me. I had my usual struggle pulling my shaft back so just the head of my penis just pokes out of the end of the shaft tube. This is very important for fit. It was my own fault. A drop or two of water-based lube fixes the issue and rinses away with the first shower. I’ll remember next time. I knew there was a reason I left the lube on my nightstand.

After the device was on, Mrs. Lion looked concerned. I asked her what was wrong. She said that her fingers were red. I asked if she hurt herself. She said she didn’t. We both simultaneously said that maybe it was the chastity device. There is nothing else red in the bedroom. I have been good so even my bottom wasn’t red on Friday night. Besides, that color doesn’t rub off.

She went into the bathroom to wash her hands. She commented that the red came right off. It had to be the Evotion device. I wondered if the color will come off on my penis as well. We decided to wait until the next time Mrs. Lion removes the device to find out. If it does, I will reluctantly have to stop wearing it until it can be fixed. I sent an email to Evotion describing the problem. I hope they get back to me with a solution.

don’t make me take it off!

I don’t want to stop wearing my Orion. It absolutely solves every issue I’ve had with male chastity devices. It’s comfortable and doesn’t pinch me. I can pee standing up without checking the device to be sure my urethra is aligned. It’s invisible under clothing. I can wear it as long as Mrs. Lion wants.

The device is 3D-printed out of medical-grade nylon and then finished by Evotion to a beautiful, glossy color. Measuring instructions are simple and sane. If you follow them, you will get a perfect fit like mine. Let’s see what happens with my problem with the finish.