You Asked For It

Lion asked if he’d be punished for whining about having the cage put back on. I wasn’t going to, but he said I should. Then he pointed out that when we first started domestic discipline, I never thought I should punish him for things. I was following the same pattern for annoying me. I hate to admit it, but he’s right. If I get used to punishing him for annoying me, then I’ll do it more often. I need to be trained too.

As I was cleaning up from dinner, I was heading toward the bedroom to punish him when it occurred to me that I could just leave him locked up as punishment. Earlier in the afternoon he’d told me he thinks the cage might even make him hornier. Silly boy! Don’t tell me things like that unless you want them used against you. Leaving my weenie in solitary confinement is a great punishment, especially since it was whining about the cage that got you in trouble in the first place.

He grumbled a bit and I was actually going to give in, but then he fell asleep. Being horny couldn’t possible be first and foremost in his mind if he’s able to fall asleep as I’m talking to him. When he woke up he said he was really tired but that didn’t mean he wouldn’t enjoy sex. Nope. Sorry. My momentary weakness had passed. The original sentence stands. No soup for you!

faded evotion orion
Lion’s Evotion Orion has faded from bright red to this pink color. Still, it keeps him safe and secure.

I am sort of curious to see if the cage makes my weenie red. If it wasn’t the cage, I have no idea what made my hands red. It came off with water so I don’t think there’s really an issue, but it is a little disturbing that the cage is fading. It looks exactly like it faded in the sun, except we never had it in the sun, and even areas that were locked together faded too. I had a red car once that had oxidized paint. When I used anti-oxidizing stuff, the paint came back but the door handles, which were not metal, turned pink. The cage is exactly the same color as the door handles. It’s deja vu all over again.

When I unlock Lion tonight, we’ll see if he’ll need the cage again or if he’ll have his orgasm. The other night, I asked if he wanted an orgasm and he told me he thought he could wait a few nights. Well, it’s been a few nights. Let’s see how horny he is. [Lion — Horny or not, I think the cage should stay on. Just saying. Also, since we both like edging so much, maybe it would be wasting all that nice sexual energy to let me ejaculate so soon after all her work getting me this way.]