Wife Collects Sexual Toll

Mrs. Lion has been really good about offering me the Box O’ Fun. Every night she has been putting it on the bed and then asks me if I want to pick a card. So far, I’ve agreed each time. I’ve wondered if I didn’t want to pick a card, would I not get the sexual attention that follows the penalty I pick from the box. That would be fair. I just don’t know if Mrs. Lion has considered this. It would be sort of a sexual toll.

I still have a do-over card to avoid one of my selections from the box. I’m being careful about what I choose to use it for. Of course, if I elect to skip that penalty, it just goes back in the box so that sooner or later it will happen. On Wednesday night I picked, “Blindfold – Pick Another Card”. The second card I picked was for the dreaded Velcro.

Mrs. Lion made sure I was unable to see anything and then proceeded to tightly wrap a piece of that nasty Velcro around my soft penis. Then she began playing with it. As I got harder I could feel the pressure growing from the Velcro around the base of my cock. That’s not the worst of it. Once I was erect, she slowly began removing the Velcro tie. I could hear the crackle as the hooks pulled off of the loops in the fabric. I knew that soon I would feel the nasty jolt of blood surging into my penis. Sure enough, the Velcro came off with a pop and I let out a soft scream. That really hurts! (Picture)

Mrs. Lion then played with other Velcro strips around my hard penis. She puts the hook-side toward my skin; it feels a little like sandpaper. It is definitely not terribly comfortable. She put a number of strips around it being sure to leave that sensitive area near the tip available for her fingers. She used her fingers to keep me as hard as possible while I got to “enjoy” those nasty little hooks. Finally, she removed all the strips and began giving me a handjob. I was responsive for a while but then my erection faded. I guess it was just a little too soon after my orgasm two days ago.

Once we were done playing, we chatted about what happened. We both realized that it would be more interesting if Mrs. Lion didn’t tell me what was on the second card. Since I was blindfolded, I would have no way to know what was going to happen to me until she began the action. We decided that it would probably be more fun.

I had a really good time. I have to admit that as the number of cards in the box dwindles, I worry more and more that those tiny dollhouse clothespins will soon be attached to the head of my penis. Ouch! If I’m nice and hard when she starts, I will probably remain hard with a little encouragement as she adds those very painful little pins. At least I was in the past. My record to date is two clothespins on the edge of the head of my penis (picture). Who knows, maybe Mrs. Lion will go for a new record.