Pioneer Living With Menthol Rub On My Balls

Sometimes big things sneak up on you. We had planned on taking our huge camper to the Oregon border for five days of vacation next week. Because Oregon is experiencing a surge in COVID-19 cases, we decided to err on the side of safety and cancel the trip. That got me thinking about how our lives have changed since March.

We are not terribly social creatures. We don’t go to parties, nightclubs, many movies, or even out to eat very often. So, the two of us being home all the time didn’t feel very different. As time went by, the differences started to become more obvious. We did go out to dinner once or twice a week pre-pandemic. Obviously, we aren’t doing that anymore. Our hair grows, well mine does. Mrs. Lion has long hair that doesn’t need trimming. Mine does. Just like the pioneers, Mrs. Lion trimmed my hair at home. She did a very good job.

It’s time for another haircut and that’s what got me thinking. We’ve become very self-sufficient. Thanks to the Internet and 300 channels of satellite TV, we don’t want for entertainment. We also stay connected to the outside world. Mrs. Lion is a very good cook. She’s learned to make rather complex meals thanks to the three-or-four-kit meals we get every week via UPS. Almost all of our shopping is done via the Internet and delivery.

Mrs. Lion has returned to work at her office. She has a more normal social life now. I’m still on furlough and at home. I suppose I can pretend we live in a log cabin in the foothills of the Cascade Mountains. All of that statement is true except for the log cabin part. We actually live in a 1940’s bungalow that we rent. It sits on a small piece of land surrounded by other similar vintage little houses. I suppose it’s a typical Western Washington community.

Even though our universe is fairly narrow, change seems to be a regular part of our lives. We’ve been evolving sexually for over seven years now. This blog chronicles the twists and turns of our sex life. The most recent incarnation is the attachment of “payments” for sexual activity. Mrs. Lion is a little bit uncertain about this idea but is willing to give it a try. The way it works is that she does something to me, generally prescribed by a card I pick out of our Box O’ Fun. Sometimes she can just skip the card and decide for herself what has to happen.

One way or another, something generally uncomfortable happens to me. Being as kinky as I am, I find it is as arousing as it is disagreeable. For example, on Friday night Mrs. Lion liberally buttered my balls with a very potent menthol gel. Most of those products sneak up on me. She will apply them and they will feel cool and somewhat refreshing. Then a minute or more later, I feel he’d building up until my balls feel like they are on fire. The stuff she used on Friday felt cool going on, but seconds later it felt like she was aiming a blowtorch at my nether region.

She also applied some to the tip of my penis so that it would touch my urethra. She tried some under the head as well. She reasoned that those are sensitive areas and should be “interesting”. What a sweetheart! I didn’t feel either. In the past, she has tried applying her nasty stuff to my penis. Generally, the sensation was considerably milder than on my balls. I suspect she would have had more success on my urethra if she had wiped it dry first. I think the natural secretions protected me. God bless those secretions!

Generally speaking, my penis seems to be less sensitive to pain than other parts of me. That makes sense. Mother nature wants it to go into potentially uncomfortable places, like a dry vagina, in order to reproduce. If it was very sensitive to pain, it might not stay nice and erect to do its job if there was a little sand or other comfort-robbing substance on it.

Even though I was very close to tears from the burn, my turncoat penis stayed hard and happy. Fortunately for me, my pioneer lioness took mercy on me and let me wash off as much of the menthol as I could. For the record, it doesn’t all come off when you wash it. The burn may be reduced but it goes on for the full 10 or 15 minutes it would if it wasn’t soaped and rinsed. Mrs. Lion knows that too.

If I want some sexual fun tonight, I’m going to have to pick another card. I still have my do-over card so I can protect myself, at least temporarily, from some of the more horrible fates that lie inside that evil box.


  1. Recently my Queen has been using icy hot on me quite regularly. When she applies it she first has me de-cage and then massages it into Angus. That is very like masturbation and I do get excited. Unlike you though, I feel it in my penis. Not as much as my scrotum, but I do feel it. So it is a pain/pleasure thing. I like her stroking but don’t like the heat that is building up.

    1. Author

      Sounds like you have fun with a hot weenie 🙂

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