New Ideas for Old Clothespins

When I transferred the remaining cards from the small Box O’Fun to the larger one, I realized there were only three left. I didn’t look at them but I assumed there was an Icy Hot and a tiny clothespin card in there. Lion had just had blue menthol rub so I probably would have given him a free do-over if he’d chosen Icy Hot. Instead, he chose the tiny clothespins. He said he knew I’d been hoping for that one. I wasn’t, really. I knew he was dreading it. That’s what was making it more fun.

I have a huge number of these little bastards. There are pink ones and blue ones. I always joke about Lion’s manly penis is being taken down by a girlie, pink clothespin. For the record, I bought the first set of maybe twenty. Lion has added to the cause. The bag I have in the bedroom isn’t even all of them. There are more in the camper toy bag, and even more in the dungeon supply. It does seem like a silly amount when I’ve only ever gotten two or three on him at a time.

Last night I pulled four out of the bag. I didn’t intend to get all of them on the head of his cock. As I teased him about how many I’d put on, I decided not to put them on the head at all. While I got him a little excited, I put one on the base of his cock. He wasn’t ready for that placement. It hurt, but certainly not as badly as it could have. Then I put one on the frenum. I don’t know why. I just thought it was a sensitive area and he loves when I stroke him with my fingers or tongue hitting right there. I wound up with three or four clothespins on him. The “good” thing about clothespins is that they hurt when going on, but they hurt, even more, coming off. Just when you think you’ve gotten used to them, the pain is exasperated by the removal. At least, that’s what I’ve been told. I’ve only ever had clothespins on the webbing between my thumb and forefinger.

To counteract the pain of the tiny clothespins, I had Lion lay across the bed for some oral action. I got him close again and again. I was determined not to go too far since he’d only had an orgasm a few days ago. (Lion will correct me with the exact number of days.) [Lion — It was 5 days last night.] However long ago, I didn’t want to give him another one just yet. When I was finished with him, he told me I could use the tiny clothespins whenever I wanted if I was going to give him oral sex. Yeah. Sure. I don’t think so. But maybe I should suggest them to him in a few days.