Mrs. Lion Makes Play More Interesting

It’s in the high 50’s here. We had to turn the heat back on for a while. This isn’t terribly unusual for our part of the world. Still, it feels odd to turn on the heat in June. I’m wearing a T-shirt today. That’s the most I’ve had on in a long time. Mrs. Lion has been asked to return to her office to work. This concerns me because employees there don’t have to wear masks while in their offices. Mrs. Lion shares an office with three other people. They are sitting only a couple of feet apart. This is a recipe for trouble as far as I can see. However, she does have to work.

On Tuesday night I got a vacation from the Box O’ Fun. It was the day after I ejaculated. Mrs. Lion usually takes that day off. I suppose we will resume again tonight. We haven’t talked about how to institute the “Do-Over” card yet. Last time we discussed it, Mrs. Lion said I have one now and she would add one or more to the box. I can use it to cancel whatever I’ve picked out-of-the-box and can pick another card. The card I rejected goes back into the box after I pick a new one. I’m going to be very careful about when I use this card.


Even though she hasn’t written or said anything about it, Mrs. Lion appears to be stepping things up. When I picked “Regular Clothespins” on Monday, instead of her usual application to my balls and perineum, she added a row of them all the way up my penis shaft. In all the years we’ve been playing she’s never done this. It was quite uncomfortable. I didn’t dislike it enough to lose my erection. I have no idea why she decided to do this. I imagine it is a sign of lioness 3.0 taking over.

I can’t swear to this, but it felt like instead of just releasing the clothespins when she took them off, she would yank them off without opening them. Again, my penis betrayed me by staying rock hard. If Mrs. Lion wants to pursue this sort of escalation, she may want a zipper. The zipper is a piece of light rope with clothespins tied along its length. It’s easy to make. You just drill a hole in the clothespins, take a piece of light rope, and tie them on. Then, after she’s applied them where she likes, all she needs to do is pull the rope and the clothespins will come off in a very dramatic way. I’ve never experienced this, but I expect it is a very large sensation. Many tops seem to enjoy playing with this.

It’s easy for Mrs. Lion to step things up. It certainly makes my life more interesting. There’s no reason why she shouldn’t. Obviously, we haven’t reached my limits. I’ve avoided encouraging her to turn up the volume. I don’t think that’s my place. Besides, I’m not crazy.


On Tuesday, even though it was the day after my orgasm, I found myself getting semi-erect several times during the day. Yesterday I took a short nap and woke up hard. This is very unusual for me.

I don’t want to put too much emphasis on this, but it is likely that the combination of renewed play and unpredictable increased intensity flipped a switch that makes me horny again.

This is very different from how I have been feeling lately. Mrs. Lion could get my motor running and I missed sex on an intellectual level. My penis didn’t get hard when I had sexual thoughts. Now it is back to having a mind of its own and perks up even when my mind is a million miles from sex. For example, I was watching an episode of Julia Child’s “The French Chef” and in the middle of watching her make beef stew, I got a woody. I don’t find Julia a bit sexy and beef stew is delicious but not erection-worthy. Obviously my subconscious was elsewhere. My cock was really hard!

Let’s throw a party! Well, maybe not. All I can say is that it feels very good when my penis has a mind of its own. Of course, I can’t do anything about it other than enjoy the nice feeling and the view. Mrs. Lion is in charge of physical management.


  1. You made me smile with that episode of Julia Child’s “The French Chef”)))

    1. Author

      I’ve decided to watch the entire series. I love her honesty and lack of polish. I learn a lot from her.

    1. Author

      I suppose you mean interesting=painful. 🙂

  2. Julia Child was a wonderful cook. Are you watching this series on tape? Disc? She died in 2004(??) and hadn’t done a show in a while before that time. I can’t imagine someone is showing reruns!

    1. Author

      All 200 shows are available on the PBS streaming service. The shows are great. They are also really dated. I love watching her! Cooking shows have come a long way since she invented them.

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