2020 is a Strange Year

Lion had to cancel his appointment for a shot in his shoulder. We didn’t want to take a chance on getting caught up in the ongoing demonstrations in Seattle. I understand the demonstrations. I don’t understand the looting. Some places have peaceful marches and even cops are joining with the marchers. I won’t say the looting is only happening in the big cities because I don’t have a lot of information on the subject. In my humble opinion, looting seems to negate any peaceful demonstration. The bad news will generally overwhelm the good. The other thing that bothers me is that I’m unclear how George Floyd made it to the ground. The only video clips I’ve seen, show him being handcuffed, told to sit (which he does), told to stand (which he does), being led toward the police car and then he’s on the ground with the cop kneeling on him. How did he get from point A to point B? And what did he supposedly do that led to him being face down on the ground? He was handcuffed. How much of a threat could he have been? I do realize he was a big man. But he was handcuffed. Did he headbutt the cop? Insult his mother? What could he have done that would lead the cop to put him on the ground? And what could he have done that would make the cop think it was okay to kneel on his neck like that? He’s down. He’s handcuffed. I don’t get it. End rant.

Lion’s appointment has been rescheduled to next Wednesday. That’s another week of pain, but it doesn’t really seem to get in the way other than not being able to hold his arm in certain ways. Sometimes he needs to adjust his position more during spanking because of the way he has his arm. I know we can’t snuggle the same way because having his arm around me hurts. If I snuggle in, sometimes his arm is even sensitive to touch. If I forget and rub it, he can go into orbit. I don’t know if the shot will help all these things. I just want Lion to be in less pain.

The other day, I said I was going to add some things to the Box O’Fun. First up is a coconut oil hand job. Now, when I say hand job, I don’t necessarily mean it will go all the way to orgasm. I just mean I’ll get him to the edge, or as far as he can make it, while using coconut oil. I’m sure there were other things, but I was waiting until I found my index cards. All the items in the Box O’Fun are written on small slips of folded index cards. I just found the cards this morning.

The other thing I need to decide is how to handle the do-over idea. On the one hand, it can be a card in the Box O’Fun. On the other hand, it can be a reward I give to Lion for going above and beyond in some way. At this point, I’m leaning toward doing both. I’m terrible at finding things to reward him for, but I think I should retain that ability. I’m also thinking that my own veto power should be limited. I said that I should be able to call a do over depending on what he picks. At the time, I was thinking about his picking spanking a day after he’d gotten a punishment spanking. However, I could see being tempted to do it if he picked something I wasn’t really up for or, more disturbingly, if I wanted him to have another opportunity to pick something I’d rather do. So I am hereby limiting my veto power to things we’ve recently done such as a play spanking a day after a punishment spanking or if he picks the same thing two days in a row. Other than that, we both have to do whatever it says on the card whether we want to or not (with the exception of his using a do-over card). It’s only fair.


  1. we do have to be extra careful about the big cities its not the protesters to worry about its the thieves and looters
    be safe and healthy

    1. Author

      We were more worried about roads being closed and not being able to get to or from his appointment. I don’t think either of us thought of it being unsafe.

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