My Vicious Lioness

Sunday night’s ball bondage and non-orgasmic blow job left me horny and wanting more. My lottery-pick from the Box O’Fun was a favorite of mine. So far I’ve picked a spanking and ball bondage. There are quite a few cards in the Box. Most of them are for activities I don’t particularly like. Mrs. Lion has created duplicate and triplicates of activities she likes to inflict. I’m sure there are several Icy Hot-on-the-balls cards lurking in there. She makes sure to give me multiple opportunities to get the ones I like least. Since she takes the “used” cards and puts them in another box, my chance of getting things I hate gets better with every pick. Sooner or later I will get everything; even the dreaded dollhouse clothespins around my penis head.

Lioness 2.0 (and the emerging 3.0) makes sure I get the “most” out of activities. For example, she observes which spots hurt the most when she puts clothespins on my cock and balls. She makes sure to apply them first to those spots when she uses them on me. The same is true with spanking. She knows that swats on certain spots are particularly painful and makes sure to give them plenty of attention. She loves using Velcro strips on my cock. I hate it when she puts one or more on, hook-side-down on my skin, when I am soft. She then stimulates me. The little hooks bite in and the tight band is painful. It hurts most when she releases the velcro. The sudden rush of blood makes me yelp.

It’s not that she is a sadist and gets sexual pleasure out of maximizing my discomfort. She knows I want these activities — well most of them — and wants to make sure I get my money’s worth. It does strike some fear into my heart knowing that she always wants to maximize my sensations. I think she enjoys discovering and using her knowledge of what hurts the most.

tiny clothespins on penis head
The absolute worst card in the box has this happen to me with at least two clothespins.

One activity even she has avoided is using the dollhouse clothespins. These are tiny clothespins sold in craft stores to be used with dollhouses. These tiny plastic pins have a very strong grip and hurt like hell even on my balls. It’s particularly terrible when put on the edge of the head of my penis. You can see how tightly they grip. I am not a happy camper when Mrs. Lion decides to use them there. So far she has only used them a couple of times and never more than two clothespins at a time. I figure that Lioness 3.0 is likely to be less concerned with my aversion and may want to “train” me to take enough to ring the head. I am absolutely not looking forward to that. She keeps threatening me with them. Sooner or later, she will actually begin using them again.

Now that the Box O’Fun is back, I will be enduring the Icy Hot and the dollhouse clothespins for sure. I just don’t know when or how severe Mrs. Lion will be when applying them.


  1. Well, it’s not just the Icy Hot and the dollhouse clothespins in the Box O’Fun?)

    1. Author

      Oh no! It’s everything Mrs. Lion could come up with. I don’t know exactly what she put in there (and keeps adding).

    1. Author

      Thank you.It works well for us.

    1. Author

      I’m very grateful that I found Mrs. Lion.

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