Sunny with a Chance of Erection

I finished mowing the lawn this morning. It was 72 by 10 am. An hour later, it’s 75. I’m sweating and recovering while I write this. We’re supposed to hit 82 today. I’m glad I got the lawn done early.

Last night, Lion didn’t take his blood pressure medication. We’re experimenting to see if his lack of erection stamina is linked to low blood pressure. He already takes boner pills to counteract his medication but maybe the BP meds are doing too good a job. This morning, Lion reports that he thinks he’s horny. Of course, he said he was horny the other day and it didn’t amount to an erection at all.

Lion also reports that his stomach issues seem to be getting better. I think going to the doctor scared the illness enough to get out of town. We’ll see how he feels later. We’ll see how I feel later too. I’m wiped out from mowing the lawn but I should be okay. It’s nothing some hydration and a shower can’t fix.

I think, just to help matters along, I’ll pull out my handy dandy rope and tie Lion’s balls. That usually gets his motor running. And it should go without saying that I’ll give him some oral attention. He’ll have every advantage toward getting and keeping a woody. I have no idea how long it’s been since his last orgasm. [Lion — 15 days today] We were going pretty good for a few days and I was contemplating giving him an orgasm the first day he waned. Now I wonder if I have to reset the game clock to build up the frustration all over again. I still maintain he can’t be frustrated the entire time he’s not horny. I concede the days still count but they don’t count as horny days.

When Lion can’t get hard, I tease him that I’m not enough for him. I don’t really think that’s true, but after a while I do start to wonder. I know I’m not enough when he’s not feeling well. No one is. My weenie has a hard time overriding the rest of his body then. The rest of the time, he can think with his penis.

I’m really hoping he’s horny enough to make it to the edge tonight. I can’t contemplate whether or not to give him an orgasm if he can’t get that far. Come on, Lion. My weenie, my mouth, what do you say?