I’m Selfish But In a Good Way

When I read Lion’s post for this morning (“The Best Kept Secret Of Male Chastity“, I realized something. I don’t have any problem giving him an orgasm without him reciprocating, but I have a problem with my getting one without reciprocating to him. I know. I’m weird.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve tried to give Lion attention either simultaneously or after I’ve had an orgasm. He usually pushes me away. I suppose I can understand it when we’re giving each other oral sex. My working on him is distracting and he doesn’t want to finish before he’s done with me. But I don’t understand why he’d turn down sex afterwards. Maybe he’s always been in “submissive” mode. I know he hates that word but it’s all I can come up with. Maybe this will put Lion’s mind more at ease with his getting all the attention. He’s worried about being selfish, but I’m the one who’s selfish. I want him to have a good time, whether I have an orgasm or not.

Lion’s shock collar. He gets zapped when he misses a question. It always makes him jump.

Having said that, this absolutely does not mean that Lion will have an orgasm every time. That’s not how we roll. I’m still going to frustrate him more often than not. Maybe it’s payback for his telling me I don’t pay enough attention to him. Attention does not equal orgasm. In fact, maybe the more attention he says he’s lacking, the more frustrated I should make him. That might be an interesting twist. I think he’s going on fourteen days now. I wonder if he thinks he’s missing out yet?

It seems completely logical to me that after Lion gives me an orgasm, I “owe” him one. Of course, I don’t really owe him anything even if we weren’t in an FLR or practicing enforced chastity. If I wanted to give him a blow job, for example, I don’t think he’d immediately think he had to give me an orgasm. Obviously, this is assuming I’d want sex, which I don’t right now. Maybe that’s the reason I don’t mind things being so one-sided. Not my not wanting sex, but being concerned about reciprocation.

P.S. I was thinking about playing Zapardy! tonight. Lion better charge up the shock collar.