It’s now official that both of us are out of work. For the first time, we are still employees, just unpaid. Mrs. Lion’s office is thinking about opening soon. I doubt mine will open for some months. We started to watch that TV show blasted out on all networks showing people at home, well not people, celebrities. Someone had the bright idea that they should just sit there at home and sing. No echo, no acoustic treatment, etc. it was so obviously synthetic. Every single one of the people we saw before we gave up, has a complete recording studio at home. I don’t think it was particularly folksy to hear Lady Gaga singing in an acoustical environment worse than my own home office.

Enough growling.

We both had a lazy Saturday. We’re tired I think. Mrs. Lion mowed the lawn yesterday and I didn’t do anything special other than not sleep very well. Friday night was really very nice. Mrs. Lion found her rope and used it very effectively. There’s a picture of her handiwork on her post yesterday (“Tied Balls For The Win“). It felt very good to me. She also persevered bringing me to the edge over and over. I’m not sure what’s next.

Actually I am pretty sure. I’m just not necessarily ready for my next orgasm. My interest in sex seems to be drifting in and out. Mrs. Lion refers to my refractory period. She thinks that’s the time I’m not horny. Actually, the refractory period is the amount of time it takes to recover sufficiently to have another orgasm. It doesn’t necessarily mean how long it will be before I’d want one. In my case, my refractory period is about a day. If I have an orgasm at 8 o’clock on Monday night, I can have another on Tuesday at the same time. When I don’t seem to have the ability to get to the edge that next-day or days after, I think that something else. I’m not sure what it is. It may be environmental or just my frame of mind.

I haven’t been at my most cheerful lately. I could even be a little depressed. Contrary to the trite expression about this being a time of uncertainty relative to the COVID-19 epidemic, it is a time of personal uncertainty for me. My vision is deteriorating again. I’m planning to take the risk of going to the medical center for a visit to the ophthalmologist. I hope they can stabilize things. Until then I’m going to be worrying.

I wish I had more exciting sexual news for you tonight. But that’s all I got.


  1. I hope there is no bad news regarding your eyes and vision. My eye doctors have closed shop for the moment. I was to have seen them in March and they moved my appointment to the end of May. It likely will be moved again. Stay well my “normal” friends.

    1. Author

      Thanks for your good wishes. I hope so too. I’m pretty sure there will be a little bad news. I just hope an adjustment of my medication will stop the deterioration.

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