Tied Balls for the Win

lion's tied balls

I mentioned the other day that I couldn’t find my rope to tie Lion’s balls. Apparently I hadn’t done enough searching. It was where I thought it was but it was all bunched up and less visible. Whew! I know we have more rope around here but that was a nice piece.

There are a few ways I tie Lion’s balls. I can lasso the boys and wrap the rope around them, pulling as I go so they are tight and away from his body. This is a good bouncing position. As I jerk him off they bounce up and down. What I did last night starts out the same way but I twist the rope, come across the face of his balls and separate them. I don’t usually pull them away from his body too much but they can still bounce. I’ve gotten them tighter in the past, but it was fine.

Lion was fairly hard right away, but he did start to fade again. I just had to work a little harder to keep him hard. It’s worth the extra effort if I can get him to the edge. He told me he was horny earlier in the day. I just hoped he was still horny after dinner. He was.

I edged him a few times and he seemed to fade inbetween. He seemed to need me to pull on his balls and tickle under them in order to get there. This is a little different. He does like his balls tickled, but when they are tied I don’t normally do much to them. The fact that they’re tied up usually does the trick. Maybe it goes hand and hand with the longer refractory period. Maybe I’m just not doing enough for him anymore. I’d hoped that the clothespins the other day and tying up his balls last night would snap him back into “lion mode”. Perhaps lion mode has changed. As long as I can get him hard and to the edge, I’ll do whatever it takes.

He remembered punishment day early his morning. His butt is safe from that punishment. Let’s see if he gets himself into any other trouble. If he does and I spank him for it early enough, it shouldn’t affect playtime later on. Of course, we can always play first and he can have any punishment earned later.


  1. Maybe play before punishment might make the punishment more effective!! Perhaps an experiment is in the works…

    1. I firmly believe that quenching of sexual fires always makes punishment worse. Since Mrs. Lion doesn’t want me to have orgasms all that frequently, it’s not practical to play before punishment. Punishment is more effective if I’m not aroused even if I don’t get a chance to ejaculate.

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