The Happiness Of A Sore Bottom

Mrs. Lion said that I’ve forgotten what it’s like to be punished. It’s true that more than two weeks have passed since I’ve done anything to earn one. She said that I should probably get a punishment spanking just to remind me. She doesn’t like the idea of a maintenance spanking because it generally is too mild. I agree about that. I also agree that I probably should be reminded what’s in store for me if I get out of line. It sounds like we are completely in sync.

Then she wrote that she wanted to lock me into the spiked jockstrap to help jumpstart sex for me. Another good idea. Then, things got strange. She said that she would make me wear the prickly jockstrap for more than an hour instead of spanking me. She went on to say that she knew that it wasn’t the same thing, but that’s what she wanted to do. I was confused until I thought about how Mrs. Lion operates.

For some reason, she tends to only do one lion-related thing a day. I never figured out why, but that’s how it seems to work out. I don’t think she intends it, but it’s her pattern. So it wasn’t entirely surprising that she would only put me in the jockstrap, a BDSM activity instead of spanking me, a domestic discipline activity. I can’t see any reason why she can’t do both. I’m not in love with the idea of either, but I can’t see any relationship between the two that would cause one to disqualify the other.

Terminology aside, maintenance or punishment spankings, she has a point about reminding me what one feels like. I have a poor memory when it comes to pain. I know that I don’t like being spanked, but after a couple of weeks, the memory isn’t strong enough to act as an effective deterrent. It may seem cruel to remind me by making me suffer through one for no apparent reason. It might be like a disciplinary mental health day. It could help me avoid actually committing offenses that would earn me punishment.

In fact, my mental health could truly benefit from a seriously sore bottom. I’ve been thinking about this. First of all, it’s true that I don’t vividly remember how unhappy a disciplinary spanking makes me. Because of this, I find myself getting less focused on obedience. The chances I will get into trouble become much better.

I also lapse into a sort of inertia. I don’t actively feel Mrs. Lion’s authority. I suspect this isn’t just because I am getting lazy. I think she tends to “forget” her role if she doesn’t punish me regularly. The more time that passes between spankings, the less interested she seems to be in keeping me in strict check. It’s our old inertia issue.

For reasons I can’t exactly understand, I get a sense of love and security when Mrs. Lion is my disciplining wife. I am happier when she is firmly in control. Conversely, when she doesn’t follow through on something, I feel less secure and I worry if something is wrong with us.

None of this is pathological. I quickly get over any bad feelings. Her forgetting and not disciplining me don’t make my life worse. When she follows through and keeps me on my toes I am happier. I think she is too. It can’t feel good to forget to keep a promise. I know it feels good to her when she is actively watching for and punishing infractions.

We just have to remember what works for us and to follow through.

[Mrs. Lion replies — Well, the good news is that Lion earned a punishment not far into the afternoon. While I was reading this post, he rightly alerted me that I hadn’t put him in the prickly jockstrap before my post had published. And why was that? I was being nice enough to not interrupt him while he was writing. This is a nicety he does not share since he interrupted my reading his post. So now, I’m commenting just after the prickly jockstrap went on, he’ll get spanked in a few hours, depending on how long I feel like allowing those nasty little spikes to bite into his cock and balls.]