Breaking In The Spiked Jockstrap

It was really nice that Mrs. Lion decided to try out a couple of our toys. The prickly jockstrap was, to say the least, an interesting experience. All the leather is very stiff and needs to be broken in. That means I will have to be wearing it a great deal more. Since we are both home it won’t be difficult for Mrs. Lion to make me wear it often. There is one hurdle in the way, however, she tends to forget about things like this. I think I’ll give her a pad of Post-it notes so she can stick them on her computer to remind her.

In fact, she had promised to do this with all of the activities that seem to elude her. Things like Icy Hot, clothespins of all sorts, anal training, etc. She does have her Box O’ Fun that contains little cards with various nasty things she can do to me. We both enjoyed it when she used it in the past. Things like the prickly jockstrap, need regular wear at least for a while. That jock really felt nasty. There’s no way to be truly comfortable when I have it on. When it breaks in and the straps and the pouch are more flexible, I think I’ll get even more contact with those sharp, little points. It has a zipper in front so that if I have to pee, I can unzip and painfully extricate myself to go to the bathroom. This is truly a diabolical toy.

We have a couple of other toys we haven’t tried. One is a pair of nipple clips attached by a chain to a cock ring. Maybe I’ll find out how that feels too. Our time together is a really good opportunity for us to play more. On a more serious note, it’s also a very good time for us to refine our disciplinary relationship. Without the pressures of work and other distractions that take us out of the house, we have a terrific opportunity.

We also have a lot more time to be together. I’m really happy about that. We may not have as much money with both of us furloughed, but fortunately, our state has very generous unemployment benefits. Speaking of which, I went on to the state unemployment’s website and updated my address and banking information. I was also able to see that the state does, in fact, have a record of my income for the last number of years. This should make getting signed up and paid fairly simple. I just hope that when we come out the other end of this crisis, there will still be a job for me.

We are both healthy and staying home. As long as we can get food deliveries, we should remain okay. I may end up being sore in some unexpected places. That’s fun too.


  1. enjoy enjoy
    these are special times to take advantage of being with loved ones instead of going to work.
    be healthy

    1. Author

      We love being together all the time.

  2. We’ve been together all day almost every day since I retired 17 years ago and we couldn’t be happier … we like the same stuff, watch the same shows and we both enjoy her occasionally torturing me when the mood hits her .. 🙂

    1. Author

      That’s great! Congratulations.

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