My Penis Is In The Palm Of Her Hand — Often

I reminded Mrs. Lion about the prickly jockstrap on Friday night. She had forgotten that she said she was going to use it. I need to learn to keep my big mouth shut. Anyway, we had to struggle a little getting it on correctly. I still think we need to do some adjusting. The trick is to get it above the hip bone and then tighten it around the waist so that I can’t slip off. That’s a bit more difficult for me since I have very narrow hips. The trick there is to wait to fix the leg straps until the waist is correctly cinched. Based on her post yesterday, she has plans to continue using it. The leather on the straps will soften as they are worn.

For the record, those little prickles do dig in especially when I move. When I was lying down, a few of them were embedded in the tip of my penis. They aren’t long enough to draw blood, but I knew they were there. This is one of those toys that you really can’t share. It requires very good cleaning, even sterilization just to safely use on one person. I’m going to have to find some cleaning solution to make sure those nasty little points stay germ-free. Actually, they probably don’t need to be that clean since they are too small to puncture my skin. They’re just long enough to be very uncomfortable. It’s an odd feeling when you have to move wearing jockstrap. I know it will hurt but I don’t know where in my tender genitals the next prickle will occur.

I suppose a device like that is automatic CBT. Strap it on and it does the rest. I think the new toy that Mrs. Lion is getting me for my Christmas present requires more active participation on her part. It’s a bondage device that doesn’t inflict any serious discomfort on its own. Well maybe it does. It has some nasty little nipple clamps attached to a chain, which in turn is attached to me. If the chain is short enough, any movement on my part will tug on those nasty little alligator clips.

Yup, she’s right, I do like bondage. I’m getting excited just writing about it. I’m sure that’s why I am so fond of male chastity devices. They represent a special kind of bondage. It’s the kind Mrs. Lion likes best. Once locked on, doesn’t require any other effort on her part. The thing about full-time bondage devices, like the male chastity cages, is that after a relatively short time they aren’t physically exciting. Sure, thinking about them is a turn on. Actually wearing one becomes more of an inconvenience.

This isn’t true if you’re new to enforced male chastity. When it’s new, it’s very exciting all the time. Every attempted erection adds to the thrill. After a while, and by a while I mean years of wearing one, the excitement wears off and the device becomes part of me. At that point, it’s just an inconvenience when I try to pee. That doesn’t mean it’s lost its utility. Every attempted erection reminds me that I don’t have any control over sex.

Of course, I know that I had don’t have any control over sex whether or not my cock is locked into a chastity device or not. It’s impossible to explain how this feels. I think that every guy who has spend years locked in a chastity device “forgets” how to get himself off. At least that’s true of me. Some guys are allowed to jerk off when the device is removed and their keyholders tell them to relieve themselves. That’s not true in my case. On day one of our male chastity adventure, I was told I may never masturbate again, ever.

Recently, when Mrs. Lion has had difficulty getting me to the edge, I wonder if she doesn’t slightly regret that decision. The only way I can help get myself more aroused is to hump her hand. My hand isn’t allowed to participate. I must admit that I really like humping her hand. It’s very exciting. It’s particularly fun when she simply holds her hand still, gripping my cock, and lets me provide all the stimulating motion. If I get too excited, she simply releases her grip.

I wonder what it would be like to do that while wearing the prickly jockstrap. You see, it has a fly. I have a feeling it would be very difficult to do it while those little teeth were biting into me. I probably couldn’t keep it up. I don’t think I want to try.

Hand humping is one of the few activities I can perform that directly affects my sexual stimulation. So far, I have had very few opportunities to do it. Almost all of my sexual activities consist of Mrs. Lion jerking me off. Occasionally, about, about 30% of the time and she lets me come, I get oral attention. If you factor in the times I am edged and teased, well under 5% of the time I get any stimulation other than Mrs. Lion’s hand. She literally holds my sex life in her hand.

I have mixed feelings about that. It isn’t that I don’t enjoy it. I love it when she jerks me off. I love it when she edges me. I have mixed feelings about her using lube. Sometimes it feels great. More of the time, I feel less stimulated than when her dry hand is around my cock. When she tickles my balls, I really get turned on. I know that other men have more sexual variety. I think I would like that. But it doesn’t matter. My sexual pleasure almost always rests in the palm of Mrs. Lion’s hand.

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  1. I will look forward to hearing about more the use of the prickly jock strap.

    I agree about becoming used to wearing the chastity device. My wife asks if I want to take it off and I don’t even remember that I have it on most of the time. Then there are those moments when you are seriously reminded, like a 3 am woody.

    Like most men, I masturbated a lot when I was younger. One day I decided that I would save myself for my wife (after an embarrassing disappointment) and not masturbate anymore. On very rare occasions when we are apart I might masturbate, but never to orgasm without her.

    I used to not be able to orgasm when she would use her hand on me, but within the past year she has got me to orgasm several times just using her hand. It may have helped when she used her other hand to finger fuck my ass a few of those times!

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