I am the Timer

Lion keeps telling me I said I was going to set a timer. Nope. I didn’t. I never said that. What I did say is that I was reminded of a time when I did set a timer and Lion needed to get to the edge before then or I’d stop and restart again. What I have been doing is using my own internal clock while I give him oral sex.

When I hit a certain point I stop sucking him. What is that point? Well, it could be when I’m tired as it was the first night. It could be just a pause to wet my whistle before I start again. It could also be just to reposition or tease a different area. Last night it was to check in because he seemed to be fading.

Basically, I’m just having fun frustrating him. If he makes it to the edge or even over the edge is of little consequence to me right now. I’m playing with my food. An orgasm may be wonderful, but this has been very entertaining.

I know Lion is having fun too. He loves oral sex and he’s been very turned on by the prospect of being teased orally. Whether he’s reminiscing about last night or looking forward to tonight, he’s happy. Who’d have thought that teasing him even without actually getting to the edge would get his motor running this much? All this time we were under the assumption that he needed to be edged in order for it to be “successful”. It just proves we’re learning as we go. Change one variable and it opens up all sorts of possibilities.

Things don’t have to be the same old, same old.

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  1. The teasing is the key for me too. I may or may not get to the edge, but my horniness increases. It can be an epic experience!

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