Oh well. The prickly jock strap did not keep Lion awake. Somehow, even with all those nasty teeth biting into him, he managed to snooze away. He was only in it for about an hour when he asked how long I was planning on keeping it on him. Since it wasn’t particularly bothering him I figured it could come off.

Now, in all fairness, he was lying down while he wore it. I suspect if he were sitting or walking around, the little metal teeth would have done more to make him uncomfortable. [Lion — I’m sure of that!] Next time, my pet. However, I think wearing it did make him a little hornier. He was rock hard when we played. Unfortunately, rock hard at the start and throughout most of the half hour or so did not translate into getting anywhere near the edge. He was bucking but I think that was more to help me than to get himself closer. He said maybe he just needs a blow job.

Maybe tonight I’ll bring out some lube to see if we can’t get something going. I also suspect he needs some bondage activity. That usually gets his motor running. Of course, there’s always a butt plug. That takes no effort on my part and seems to work wonders. I have many tricks in my bag to get Lion to the edge. I just haven’t been using them.

Last night Lion asked when his Christmas present would be arriving. Apparently he’s eager to have my weenie and balls encircled by leather with his hands bound to his sides. Personally, I think he’s turned on by the nipple clamps too but he’d never admit to that. In the meantime, I’ll keep searching for the cuffs and bed restraints. I do know where the spreader bar is so once I find one set of cuffs, I can make use of it.

Don’t worry, Lion. We’ll get you to the edge. Again and again.

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