Risky Business

Lion in his diaper. By the way, he has lost quite a bit of weight since that picture was taken.

I didn’t soap Lion’s mouth last night. I decided to just make it a threat. However, he should be on notice to watch out for future frothy smiles.

We received an interesting comment about the punishment stool. Collared Michael says having Lion sit at the front door is an appropriate spot for the stool. I went even further and suggested that I should park him in front of a window with the shade up and allow whoever was driving by to have the opportunity to see him. So far I haven’t gotten a response back. [Lion — Mrs. Lion suggested that in email. I just saw it. I think it is a perfectly reasonable thing to make me do.]

It’s not like the world would see him. There’s very little traffic and they’d have to look at that particular window and the lighting on the window would have to be just right. But if they did….

And that’s exactly why I think I suggested it. It’s risque enough to add some fun but not really risque. It’s similar to having Lion wear diapers when we’re out in public. No one knows he’s wearing them. Even if people see a little bulkiness, they wouldn’t really know. But there’s still the fear of someone finding out.

You just have to find the right balance, I guess. Our blog is public. We try to let you in enough to “know” us but not enough to guess our identities. That could be embarrassing at the very least. We may have already met some of you and neither of us knows it. Maybe you’ve seen Lion in his diaper in the supermarket. Did you realize he had a diaper on? Did you realize it was Lion? I doubt it. We tend to blend into the crowd.

I probably won’t put Lion in front of the window. It’s an interesting idea, but it’s not really a convenient place. We tend to stick close to the bedroom with our activities. However, there’s absolutely no reason I couldn’t do it. I guess Lion should just hope I don’t get the urge to put him on display.

[Lion — Actually there is a window very near the front door that might be perfect. Mrs. Lion comes up with some very good, somewhat-scary ideas. I would very much like her to actually put them into practice. By the way, I haven’t worn a diaper in a very long time.]