The Golden Rule Of Male Chastity Device Measurement

Sunday turned out to be a very good day. Aside from having the day with Mrs. Lion and enjoying doing things together, Mrs. Lion gave me my first orgasm in two weeks. That may not sound like a big deal but it wasn’t that she made me wait this long, I simply lost interest and was unable to even get close to an orgasm. Magically, on Sunday night after a lot of manual effort, Mrs. Lion gave me an orgasm. It was great.

I have to admit that I was worried. Sex was in the background for me. On an intellectual level I knew that I should be very horny and thinking about activities that turn me on. I wasn’t. I’m pretty sure that everyone who told me this was due to the stress of the recent health issues I’ve had as well as moving, were right. These problems are just not going to go away. I’m going to have to learn to compartmentalize them so that I can put them away when it’s time to have fun.

Mrs. Lion said that she’s been thinking about putting me back in a male chastity device. I have mixed feelings about it. I know it will make a lot of day-to-day activities a little more difficult. I’ll miss unrestricted access to my penis. Of course, I don’t get a choice. I’m not sure how wearing the device will impact my physical therapy. I suppose it won’t, though there will be a risk of being discovered.

As I’ve written, I just finished measuring for a new Evotion male chastity device. While doing it, I was reminded how many of us overestimate our penis length. Part of this size error is caused by concern that a cage that is too short will somehow be uncomfortable. Another is interest in leaving some space for “expansion”

Instinct tends to lead us to make a little more space because we reason that too much space is better than a device that won’t fit because it’s too small. I get that logic. Ironically, the opposite is true when it comes to male chastity devices. Too short will actually fit better than too long. The logic is simple: If a male chastity device is too long, even a little too long, the tip of the penis will sit back a bit from the end of the cage. This may not sound important, but if the penis is not firmly pressing against the end, the urethra will wander and urinating will become an adventure.

The best fitting devices have the penis in contact with the sides and front of the male chastity device at all times. This can be a little tricky to measure. Most of the time, the penis will be a bit longer than it is at its shortest length. I found that the easiest way to get a proper measurement is to sit in a straight-backed chair with your back firmly pressed against the chair back. Your penis should look very short, almost the way it does after a cold swim. This is the perfect time to measure.

The people who make the Evotion device say that exact measurements will yield the best results. They ask for two penis length measurements: one is the length of the glans (head). The second is the shaft length, measured along the top, from the back of the glans to the body. Other device makers, like Mature Metal, want a measurement from the very tip to the back on the bottom where the shaft of the penis meets the scrotum. Both measurements should be taken in the sitting straight position. In the case of the standard cage, like the Mature Metal Jail Bird, I subtract about a half-inch from the measured length of my penis. This left me with a cage that would be 1 inch long.

I was pretty nervous when I ordered this very short cage. In fact, it’s the shortest cage that Mature Metal can make. I decided to be brave and order it. It’s a perfect fit! My penis fits inside its little prison like a glove. Everything stays nicely in place. Erections never have a chance to start. The Evotion male chastity device that I am getting (the Orion), comes in three pieces: the base ring, a shaft cover, and a third piece to cover the head of the penis. The device requires two locks to put it all together. I’m not entirely sure how specifying a shorter-than-actual shaft length would affect the device. So, I ordered the device using careful, exact measurements all around. We’ll see how that works out when it’s delivered.

No matter what male chastity device you are having made for you, it’s critical that you keep the shaft length either accurate or shorter than your actual measurement. Six years of experience has taught me this is the golden rule of chastity device measurement.


  1. Based on your sizing guide, and Josie Lynn’s written advice on her products pages that, “it’s a good starting size for most”, I ordered a medium standard cage from cherry keeper. It is small! And per your advice, perfect.
    The ring is where I have a little difficulty. My first cage, a cb 6000 lasted like two days. They’re cheap and the 1 5/8 ring broke before I really had a chance to experience it. Then I tried the next larger, nope ball escapes made that ineffective then I realized the importance of the gap tubing which spaces the cage from the ring creating the ball gap.
    I tried the next smaller sized ring with the shortest gap tubing and though difficult, I managed to get it on. It was all to tight and blue balls occurred. The key was with my wife so the lock was easily broken off (a huge flaw in my opinion) and that was the end of the CB 6000. I ordered cherry keeper and it arrived several days later with a 44 mm ergonomic circular ring. I thought I had a perfect fit! So off I go to tow 45 min away and halfway through my trip a slight aching begins in my balls. I’m sitting in my truck pretty much of the time. I make my last stop and it’s getting quite noticeable. Silly me, the pain makes my dick start to get hard further adding to my discomfort. One thing about the cherry keeper is there isn’t an easy way to break it by twisting the lock off. I get home and my wife removes it. I’m not sure what happened but I felt like I’d been kick in the balls. They weren’t blue though. It took 3 days for the pain to go away and I was worried I might have cause permanent damage. That wasn’t the case and we began experimenting with the cage again with my wife hiding a spare key in the truck so I could call her in an emergency. The previously mentioned issue never reoccurred but, again while sitting, a testicle would slip out making the cage easily removable.
    I consulted Josie Lynn. I gathered from her that the ball gap needed to be reduced with a -5 degree angle bringing the cage closer to the ring. I’ve noticed the slot where the cage joins with the ring that there is a little play on my current device. For the same reason as Lion, I ordered the headlock to keep the urethra aligned in the Pee hole. Though I prefer to sit occasionally for it’s mental humbling effect but standing sometimes is necessary. Mostly with the tight fit in my current cage it’s aligned. But once in awhile it isn’t.
    The headlock cherry keeper is partially for that problem but also the idea of a further constricted penis is hot!
    My new cage arrives today in blue! I look forward to reporting about it soon.

    1. Author

      I can’t comment on your situation. I would suggest wearing just the base ring for a few days. If it is comfortable and no balls escape, you know you have the right size. The gap between cage and base ring wouldn’t be my first choice in curing the issue, though it can certainly help.

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