Avoiding the Enemy

Lion and I managed not to annoy each other any more yesterday. At least I think I did. I know he didn’t annoy me again. My dizziness continued if I was moving around a lot. We decided waxing was out. I managed to get the garbage out and had to sit for a while. Lion suggested pizza for dinner. He was trying to avoid having me make dinner. I didn’t really want pizza and decided I could make open-faced turkey sandwiches without too much trouble.

This morning I woke up with a migraine hangover. I don’t know what else to call it. I don’t usually get too much pain with the migraine itself. The pain comes the following day in the form of a bruised brain feeling. I don’t remember ever having dizziness with a migraine, but they are tricky little devils and don’t follow the rules all the time. Next time I’ll know.

Needless to say, we didn’t do anything last night. I was trying not to fall off the world (it wasn’t that bad) and Lion was snoozing off and on. We watched part of the Giants game in the morning and decided they weren’t worth watching later. The Seahawks won so we didn’t watch that game. It’s weird but if I know the outcome, we rarely watch the game. (We record most games to watch later.) Since there was nothing on TV, we watched the Green Bay game. I don’t think anyone can beat Green Bay at Lambeau Field in the snow. Then we watched reruns for the rest of the night.

I don’t know when I’ll circle around to wax Lion. It won’t be tonight but it might be some night this week. Since I’m home I can get the wax melted so it’s ready for after work. Or we can wait till the weekend. He’s not too furry. He tickles my nose a bit, but it’s no problem. I can give him his haircut any night. I just want to give him some action tonight. It doesn’t even have to be much action. If he’s not ready for too much that’s fine. I’m really trying to avoid inertia. That’s the enemy.

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  1. Dizzy isn’t good. Get it checked. On another topic.from a couple weeks ago. If your anti anxiety meds are working, don’t change. I’ve been living with my Prozac/Anxiety kitten for 40 years and change to achieve a missing libido may not be cost effective. Hang in there.

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