It may not look like much in the overall scheme of things, but we got a decent amount done last night. Every little bit helps. I’m undecided at this point if I should concentrate on the bedroom or kitchen. We spend more time in the bedroom, but at some point we need to be able to cook.

Since we took time to do house things last night, we didn’t do Lion things. I’m not sure he was in the mood to do anything anyway but we could have snuggled. Tonight, after our Costco run for the dog’s medicine, I’ll change the bed and then we can snuggle. I’ve also hinted that we might see what else develops. No pressure.

This weekend we have stormy weather moving in. The news said to be prepared for power outages. I’m not prepared. I’m never prepared. We have the generator, but I’m not ready to use it. Of course, I’ll get prepared in a hurry if necessary. What I’m really prepared to do is unpack with a vengeance. As long as there’s no pending errands to run, I can get a running start and get things done.

I need to get things back to normal. Lion will be able to do what he needs to do in his office. He’ll be able to navigate without worrying about running into boxes. He’ll be able to find things in the kitchen. And, I hope, he’ll feel better about things in general.

Naturally, the thing that will make Lion feel better is getting our sex life back to normal. I know Unlocktober isn’t normal, but it’s a version of normal. At least it involves sex. It’s much better than the limbo we’ve been in. Fingers crossed.


  1. It is so trying to move. And so much more difficult when one partner is unable to do much in the way of help. I hope you are really productive and that your power stays on.

    1. Mrs. Lion works very hard to make things easier for me and better for us. This move has been terribly difficult for her. I think things are a little better now because we are talking about it and understanding limitations better.

      Still, there’s a ton of stuff to do and we’ll keep at it.

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