A Bit Of Fun For Lion

I got the last of our things out of the old house. I dragged it to the new house and added it to the various piles. Now the trick is to dwindle those various piles into some semblance of a home.

I made it through the day without being too tired. Once we were done with dinner, I was tired. Maybe the food did it. I took a shower, changed the sheets on the bed and folded some laundry. The last thing on my mind was sex.

In our old house, the television in the bedroom was situated more on Lion’s side of the bed. When we snuggled, I only had to look over my shoulder a little bit. In this house, the television is more toward my side of the bed. Wouldn’t it make sense for Lion to snuggle closer to me so he’d have to twist his neck to see it? Nope. I was really under no delusion that he would. Just a pipe dream.

I mentioned that snuggling was more uncomfortable for me, so I only moved closer and put my hand on his leg last night. That wasn’t where he wanted my hand. He offered to pause the program but I wasn’t really planning on doing anything more than snuggle. Eventually I did do more.

Lion responded fairly quickly and stayed hard for a while, but it was evident nothing more was going to happen. He wasn’t getting excited enough to make it to the edge. He says he’s out of practice. Perhaps that’s true. It has been a while. And he’s got a new injury thrown into the mix. I just don’t know if I’ll play with him tonight. I need to unpack. I need to figure out what’s for dinner. I don’t know if I’ll have the energy for Lion.

Yeah. Yeah. I know. I need to make time for Lion. I get that. But unpacking has to take precedent. I’ve been so focused on getting everything out of the old house, I haven’t spent much time on the new one. And there’s only so long you can live out of boxes and use the same four forks because you can’t find the others. Picking your way between the bird cage and stacks of boxes to feed the parrot gets old really quickly. Besides, Lion can have all the attention once I get things put away. He’ll just have to be happy with my moving closer to him and holding his hand or touching his leg after I’ve collapsed for the night.

[Lion — I understand and will try to be as patient as I can. I agree that the priority is trying to get our belongings put away. We really have an amazing amount of stuff and Mrs. Lion will be challenged to find places for all of it. In the meantime, we’ll hold hands.]