Where Is It?

We’ve been playing a new game. Where are my shoes? Where are my jeans? Have you seen the box with X in it? Where is it?

This morning I spent a few hours unpacking boxes in the kitchen. A handyman was coming to install a filter under the kitchen sink. He needed room to move. Now we can actually see more of the floor and we can stop eating on paper plates. We might even be able to cook a meal.

Next on the agenda is the bathroom. Of course, we have to find all our clothes too. It’s just a sea of boxes everywhere. But somehow, I’d swear we’re missing boxes. Where is that box with X in it?

I’m still exhausted from all the moving. Maybe tomorrow we can sleep in. I’d be happy with sleeping through the night. Once that’s accomplished, I’m sure Lion can have his fun time back. I know he’s been looking forward to that. I could bring a paddle in from the camper to resume punishment, but it does no good if I’m too tired to be effective.

We’ll get there. I’m sure my energy is packed in one of these boxes around here. Maybe it’s with X.