Male Chastity Changed How I Get Hard

Have you ever noticed that time sometimes feels like it’s moving very slowly? I’m not sure what it is, but for some reason I’ve been exceptionally horny. It feels like a year since the last time I got to ejaculate. The reality is it’s less than a week. I’m not a stranger to sexual frustration. It’s been six years since I’ve been able to ejaculate at will. You’d think I’d be blasé about wanting sex.

There are times when I just don’t care. Other times, like now, have me panting for relief after just a few days. I don’t understand what it is. I have sexual cycles where I go from no interest at all in sex all the way up to getting an erection if a gentle breeze blows across my penis.

No big deal, right? Actually it is a big deal for me. Usually, I get teased almost every day. Mrs. Lion plays with my penis until I’m just about ready to explode, and then she stops. She repeats this several times. Then, with a gentle kiss on the tip of my penis, she tells me she’s done. This routine successfully keeps me interested in getting off during the wait between orgasms.

Now, however, Mrs. Lion is exhausted every evening and hasn’t touched my penis since she made me come this past Monday. In the past when this happened, I lost most of my interest in sex; sort of a use it or lose it kind of thing. Not this time. I’m as horny now as I would be if Mrs. Lion had edged me repeatedly every single night. Go figure!

Frankly, I’m very surprised. Doesn’t make any sense at all why I’m suddenly so super interested in sex. I’m sure you’re thinking, “Of course he is! He’s always horny, a typical male.”

It’s true that we males are in heat pretty much all the time. Being in heat simply means that we are ready, willing, and able to have sex with a female if she lets us know she wants it. As we get older, unprovoked erections and strong desire for release become less and less urgent. I still respond eagerly when Mrs. Lion touches me, but I don’t go around humping tree trunks.

Mrs. Lion has let me know that I’m out of luck until things get less chaotic here in our new house. She still has a couple of loads of our belongings to ferry from our old house to our new one. We are inundated with boxes of possessions. We both know that we can’t keep living this way for long. We are eating on paper plates and scrounging to find utensils.

Ironically, the Ziploc bag containing my Jail Bird and Cherry Keeper managed to surface almost the first day after we moved in. I’m not advocating wearing them right now. Peeing is difficult enough without the additional challenge of doing it through a chastity device. However, under other conditions this would be a perfect time to cage me.

Fortunately, I have the willpower, let’s face it, the training, not to masturbate. I know I won’t no matter how horny I get. I do find my hand straying south and promoting an erection every now and then. Apparently, this is okay with Mrs. Lion as long as I don’t do it too much. She hasn’t defined what “too much” is. I suppose I’ll find out when I do it too much.

So far, she hasn’t asked me how often I’m arousing myself. I don’t do it in front of her. It somehow feels rude to do that. If it feels rude play with my penis in front of her, it seems sneaky to do it when she’s not around. It’s not like I do this very often, but when I do, I question myself about why I seem to want to do it at all.

I’m not a porn fan. I do browse some of the sites to look for inspiration for my posts. I don’t get turned on watching most of them. Occasionally, one excites me. I mentioned one of those in yesterday’s post. It’s a wife fisting her husband video. I found it very exciting. I admit it. I did find myself provoking an erection when I watched it.

I don’t randomly make myself hard. I find myself doing it at odd times when my thoughts become very erotic and I reminisce about past sexual fun. And, like yesterday, when I’m digging up a video, I might find myself helping an erection along. At this point in my life I almost never get hard without some physical stimulation. The situation has to be incredibly hot for me to get erect without touching.

I don’t think this is a function of age. I’ve been this way since I turned 40. I guess it’s the way I’m wired. There’s very little information available about how guys react sexually. Am I unusual because I need some stimulation to get erect? Should I get hard simply watching something very erotic? Is it necessary for me to have an erection if I’m sexually aroused?

I don’t need the erection to feel very aroused. If I am flaccid and I’m aroused, it will take very little touching to bring me up to full attention. I will remain soft until that touch arrives. It doesn’t work the other way. I can’t just play with my penis and get hard and sexually aroused. It’s difficult for me to attain an erection if I’m not turned on before touching.

This disconnect between arousal and erection has been increased since we began male chastity. Spending years locked in a chastity device that makes erection impossible has trained me to disconnect physical arousal from the mental sort. It’s not fully disconnected, thank goodness. It’s just become more difficult for my penis to become the indicator of how I feel sexually.

Is this unusual? Please let me know how you react to mental and physical stimulation.