Not Thinking About Sex

Yesterday we were supposed to meet an electrician at the new house at 11. We decided to move the camper when we met him. Then he had an emergency so meeting him was moved to late afternoon.

I had to do a lot of running back and forth to get to the point of even hitching the camper. I hate this back and forth and forth and forth nonsense. I was already cranky before we got on the road. Little did I know how much trouble I’d have threading a 33 foot camper between a fence and a hedge. Eventually I got it where we wanted it and then we did what we always do when we go to the house: we played “I think this would fit here better, don’t you?” Basically we used the whole day for moving the camper and meeting the electrician. No packing.

I was exhausted by the time we got home. I wished we had something that could be just thrown in the oven for dinner. No such luck. After I made dinner, I rested while the Tylenol kicked in. I was cold, which is weird for me because I’m usually too hot. That’s the true signal my body was annoyed with me.

I didn’t even think of snuggling. I hurt too much to move. Lion was snoozing on and off anyway. He hasn’t been sleeping well. I might if he could. I’m sure that makes me hurt more. I was too tired to swat Lion. He’s annoyed me more than once but I’m too tired to care.

This morning, I told Lion I plan on sleeping the entire month of October. Not really. I’ll go to work and take him to whatever doctor appointments he has. I’m sure there’ll be lots of unpacking to do, but I don’t want to do anything or go anywhere. I think I’ve earned some time off. As soon as I get enough unpacked to function, I’m off duty.

As Lion wrote, our troll, Wayne, made a comment that we only think about sex and I only think about hurting Lion. Well Wayne, I spent most of yesterday not thinking about sex or how to hurt Lion. As a matter of fact, I spend most days not thinking about sex or how to hurt Lion. These activities occupy very little of our time. If you’d like, I can do a minute by minute run-through of my thoughts and activities for any given day. I’m sure you’d see how average my life is. Better yet, come help us move.

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  1. Best, last paragraph Mrs. Lion.

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