Ready For (Some) Action

Sometimes I am amazed at the remarkable lack of humanity out there. This morning we were greeted by a comment (trashed, of course)wondering how Mrs. Lion could be disturbed by the fact that I’ve had some bleeding inside my eyes. This person suggested that since she doesn’t mind making me bleed, she shouldn’t be distressed by other blood. Bloggers, particularly like us, are sometimes subject to vitriol like this. I’m not sure what kind of person would write this way, but I am pretty sure that if they could find a way to use a crayon to write their garbage they would probably prefer it to the keyboard of the computer.

I had I surgery on Thursday. Fortunately, I do have vision in the surgical eye. Unfortunately, one of the side effects of a drug I need to use after the surgery constricts the pupil of that eye and makes it very difficult for me to see any detail at all. I’m using a voice to text tool to write this post. I’m having another surgery this coming Thursday to clear up the blood in my left eye. Enough medical talk.

We are in the process of moving. I’m absolutely no help. In fact I’m an energy drain for Mrs. Lion. Believe it or not, last night I was horny. I’ve stopped taking the drug that almost certainly inhibited interest in sex. Mrs. Lion was prepared to play with me on Friday night. It turned out that her knee was hurting from her packing activities. We held hands. I love that.

It’s natural to wonder if it makes sense to continue our playing and our FLRD in the face of these medical issues. I jokingly asked Mrs. Lion, how she felt about spanking a blind lion. She wasn’t in favor of it. She was concerned that the thrashing around my cause a problem with the surgery. When she first reacted negatively, I jokingly suggested that I can’t see what she’s doing anyway when she spanks me. I don’t have eyes in the back of my…

She, of course, is right that any stressful physical activity could cause a problem. We can’t exactly ask the surgeon when it’s safe to spank me again, though I imagine it would be the first time he’s heard that one. Maybe we can couch the question by asking when non-lifting physical activity is safe. I can’t lift more than 20 pounds or bend over so that my head is below the level of my heart. Lying with my body on the bed and my legs dangling to the floor, I don’t break that rule.

Speaking of rules, fortunately Mrs. Lion suspended most of them for the time being. I’ve interrupted her once or twice and I know she was annoyed by it. I suppose she can use one of her other non-spanking punishments for those infractions if she wishes. Just no more Irish Spring soap, please! The smell is horrible. The taste isn’t much better.

By the way, if you need to make the type bigger inside a browser just hit <ctrl> +. Each time you hit it the letters get bigger. I think it’s a good sign that I am ready to resume active FLRD and enforced chastity. I’m sure you’re glad too. No one likes endless medical talk, least of all the patient.


  1. I’m so glad that the surgery went well. Here’s hoping that the next one also goes well. I know that when I had cataract surgery I wasn’t allowed to do any sports for a couple of weeks. So maybe you should take that long before you resume spankings!

  2. We are going through some serious medical issues ourselves. In our case it is Mi Amor, my beautiful wife and keyholder who is suffering. She has been dealing with major lung issues since the first of the year. It had inhibited her from almost any physical activity. She is on oxygen 24/7.
    When it became apparent she was not going to recover very quickly she suggested we set aside the lifestyle for now as I would be getting very little sexual attention for sure. I declined her offer and remained caged and at her beck and call to help her.
    Discipline is hard to administer in the way we had been doing it. She can not stand long enough right now to paddle be on our spanking horse. So she has me lay across the foot of her bed face down. She sits indian style and uses her long handled shower brush. She can’t go very long so I get called back several times until she feels I got the point.
    Sexually she has me edge myself under her watchful eye. She did allow me to enter her 5 days ago after months without that. It was just for me. She got nothing out of it as her breathing was too much. She does allow me to masturbate to completion on occasion. We have also recently purchased a “fleshlight” to help in our situation. We think it can make teasing and relief a little more interesting right now. I will only be allowed to use this while she supervises me.
    Dealing with all this is tough. But I would never abandon our male chastity/flr life. It has brought us so close I would miss it. We just learn to adjust.
    Interesting event… Last week I had been somewhat cranky while she was in the hospital. She wanted to whoop my ass. She wanted to do it there. LOL…. But she did ask her best friend if she would do it. Her friend said just let her know and she would do it for her. She is well aware of our lifestyle. Even that I am always in panties……Then we got word she was being released so my wife let her know she would do it once home. But I was told it may have to happen if her strength continues to wane. Hmmmm….

  3. If someone can not say something nice they should just be quiet. I have been following you posts & i enjoy them. I hope you health improves.

    1. Author

      I agree. What seems strange to me is that this one person continues to vent bile and comments and has never seen one published. You’d think he’d get the message and just go quietly into the night. Go figure.

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