Medical Status Report

On Monday, four days ago, I had surgery in my left eye to relieve pressure from glaucoma. It appeared to be a successful operation. In my postop visit with the surgeon on Tuesday, pressure in my left eye was completely normal and all seemed well. I woke up on Wednesday morning unable to see anything out of my left eye. Needless to say, this was very disturbing to me and Mrs. Lion.

We made an emergency visit to the surgeon that morning and he discovered that I had been bleeding in my eye from the surgical incision. The blood formed a clot which is blocking my vision. It’s also blocking the drain he put in to relieve pressure in the eye. He says that this is not terribly bad news. One way or another, the blood will get out and the clot will disintegrate. Whether it will do it on its own or I will need more surgery we’ll find out in a couple of days. Meanwhile, I really am a one-eyed lion. I’m very unhappy about that.

They did an ultrasound of my eye and found that the blood and clot are in the same area where they inserted the drainage tube. The surgeon says this is the best news since it doesn’t affect most of my eye. I’m finding it very hard to feel cheered by this. Meanwhile, Mrs. Lion keeps missing more work which means she’s losing more pay. I’m on paid leave, fortunately.

Meanwhile, I’m being very careful about walking into things. With both eyes working I’m not always the most dainty soul. With only one eye, I’m a traffic hazard. Understandably, sex has not been on my mind. Mrs. Lion has left me wild which is quite helpful in my current state. We did snuggle last night, but I showed no real interest in getting aroused. It is a relief to learn that my vision will return once the blood situation is cleared up. Meanwhile, the two of us will just hold things together and continue hoping for the best.

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  1. Sorry to hear about this latest complication. I’m hoping that the surgeon’s positive spin on things is warranted and this problem heals quickly. You do seem to have lousy luck when you have medical procedures! Heal quickly!!

    1. Author

      Lately, it seems like the only kind of luck I’m having is bad. I hope I’m done with it now and we can get back to good luck.

  2. Just taking more tinkering to get the machine fixed. Rooting for you as hard as ever.

  3. I keep checking in to see how you are but it seems like one thing after another – hope you are fixed soon

    1. Author

      Me too!

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