Moving Right Along

I’ve been spinning my wheels trying to pack things. The hardest part so far is figuring out where to stack the bags of garbage as I go. Not only are we moving into a smaller house, but we moved a lot of crap with us from New York. Despite throwing out a lot before we moved and throwing out more once we got here, we still kept way too much. And then, of course, we accumulated more. Even though I don’t seem to be making much of a dent, I’m tired and sore by the end of the day. Not to worry. I saved some energy for fun.

Lion was correct. He was very horny. He always makes it sound like he’s been horny forever with no release. Obviously, he hasn’t been horny at all for the past week or so. The drug he was taking and worrying about surgery was preventing it.

He was hard almost immediately. I debated just giving him an orgasm right away. On one hand, I was worried that an orgasm might build up pressure in his eye. Not eye pressure itself, but pressure from the straining of orgasm. But then I figured edging would create pressure as well. Can’t win.

I didn’t want to stop the proceedings to ask Lion what he thought of my pressure concerns. He probably would have rolled his eyes at me. So I continued on my merry way. Still, I think I only edged him once or twice before he got his orgasm.

I figured he deserved an orgasm. Not because he’d been waiting so long, but because he’s been through a lot lately. And he’s going through more on Thursday. Not to mention his anxiety about moving.

I forget how crazy he gets when we talk about moving. He’s happy to go through things to get rid of it, but don’t ask him to think about where the remaining stuff will go in the new house or how it will get there. No problem. We’re nowhere near ready for that yet.


  1. I think that with all the work Mrs. Lion is doing, she should lock Mr. Lions cock and wait for a week or two after they move into their new digs before giving him an edge or even an orgasm. He will survive the waiting period.

    1. I don’t see the connection between Mrs. Lion doing work and extending how long I need to wait for an orgasm. Every so often we get comments like this. We don’t correlate sex with anything else. Mrs. Lion manages my chastity independently of anything else going on.

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