Dream vs. Nightmare

I like to think I’m an optimistic pessimist. I know this is going to suck but I’m hoping for the best. Just before they whisked Lion away for his surgery, the nurse told us they usually use clear eyepatches. Clear! As in see-through. As in maybe Lion will be able to see something. My fingers and toes have been crossed for the past hour.

I doubt he’ll be able to see at first. The numbing agents they put in the eye have to wear off first. And he may not be able to see well, but any little bit helps. The more the merrier.

On the way to Seattle, Lion asked me how I was doing. I told him I was nervous. The last surgery went well an a day later there was bleeding This is a different type of surgery but he could still bleed.

Last night I decided that Lion would be seeing and driving by the time we move. That solves the problem of leaving a car behind when we rent a U-Haul. See? Optimistically pessimistic.

2:30 Thursday — We just got home. Lion can see light but that’s all for now. Getting him in the house was a lot easier than after his neck surgery. It would have to be.

Since Lion didn’t want to use his walker, I suggested he put a hand on each of my shoulders and follow me to the bedroom. I think it worked pretty well. Lion May feel differently.

We got lunch at Burger King drive thru. Lion hadn’t eaten since last night. He did pretty well eating without making a mess. The next test will be a bathroom break. I’m sure that won’t be fun.


  1. Glad things seemingly went well. I hope there’s no bleeding this time. And as to bathroom issues—here’s a perfect time to ensure Lion always sits. That should ensure no accidents take place.

    1. Sitting doesn’t work well for me. I have a very hard time getting up. I’m improving, but it’ll be a while before sitting to P makes too much sense. I try to be as careful as I can.

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