Today Is The Day

We’re heading out this morning to the surgical center for me to get minimally invasive glaucoma surgery in my right eye. The surgical procedure itself, should take about 10 minutes. It’s a newfangled procedure designed to be as gentle as possible on the eye. When the surgery is finished a patch will be taped over my eye. It will remain in place until my post surgical visit the next morning. Since my left eye has blood in it, blocking my vision, I will be sightless until the patch is removed from my right eye. There is a decent chance some blood will also be in my right eye blocking vision.

This new blood should dissipate in a day or so. At my request, a second surgery is being scheduled to remove the blood from my left eye. This surgery could take place a week after the first. Everyone is doing their best to minimize my loss of vision.

Mrs. Lion is feeling the stress of needing to support me while I can’t see. In her post yesterday, she’s already setting limitations on what she feels she can do. She is feeling pressure to pack our stuff for our move, and babysitting me will certainly interfere with that. I understand. I don’t think she understands how profoundly losing my sight affects me. I’m a visual creature. Sight is the primary way I interact with the world. Our Alexa can change TV channels for me. I don’t think she can adjust the volume or navigate through the program guide or list of recorded programs. I’ll use her where I can.

I’m sure you’re getting tired of our “caring for blind lion” stories. The thing is that we can’t relate to sex and FLRD very well in the face of such powerful hardship. I suppose Mrs. Lion can and will put her paw down as necessary. It will be difficult for her. It will for me as well. If you pray, please send one up there for me. I’ll need all the help I can get.

[Mrs. Lion — My post yesterday was meant to address the fact that Lion fights against help he receives. Of course, I’ll do anything he needs me to do.]


  1. I just want to say (because of my comment 2 entry’s ago)

    I am NOT a crazy junky telling everyone: you have to use cannabis, it’s very good for you!

    Even as I started smoking with 19 I was the only one who was not “just” taking it because all my friends used it!
    I was very interested and bought over 40 books about cannabis and other drugs! For some of them I paid more than 100 bucks!

    Also im more the esoteric and alternative medicine guy!
    I have a book called “Marihuana as medicine” from Dr. Lester Grinspoon (hope the name is correct)!

    Cannabis can help to decrease the pressure (glaucoma), it makes the life of MS patients (multiple Sclerosis) and cancer patients way better than it is (no, it doesn’t get rid of it (that would be really awesome)!

    @Ms. Lion please read some information about weed as medicine and how to use it!
    I can really understand what you mean with lion is fighting against help! But, it really helps!

    I wish you all still the best I can send you from me!

    Sorry sometimes for my English!

  2. Just catching up with your blog – hope everything goes well with your op.

    1. Author

      Thanks for your concern. I am slowly improving.

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