Doing It Her Way

Mrs. Lion’s most feared play. Wow, do they hurt!

There may be more to Mrs. Lion’s recent gentle approach and her loss of interest in playing. I’ve had a setback that appears to be caused by a change in a product I use. I wear contact lenses. I have for about a decade. My vision is pretty good, but the surface of my cornea has bumps on it. Apparently, they were caused by childhood eye rubbing. I have allergies and they make my eyes itch. The lenses are the hard variety. They smooth out my cornea and let me see clearly.

About a month ago, I switched from the preservative-free cleaning solution I use, Clear Care to a new version, Clear Care Plus. It is also preservative free but has added something to keep soft lenses softer. That ingredient apparently hurt my eyes. I don’t want to go into details, but one side effect is that I now have glaucoma. I visited my  Optometrist in July and all was normal. I switched to Clear Care Plus in August and in September my eye pressure had tripled. I also had a rash on one cornea and other vision issues.

Naturally, I discontinued the product, but the problems are persisting. This makes it difficult for me to see. That’s one reason I have cut back a bit on my writing. The vision problems tire me out. I fall asleep for “naps” at odd times. I’m going to visit a specialist to see if this vision issue can be resolved. I’m also considering visiting a product liability lawyer.

Of course, Mrs. Lion knows this and is concerned. Her loss of interest in play predates this new problem. I’m sure that my eye problems aren’t  helping her make a comeback.

Regardless, It sounds like 2.0/3.0 is needed here. No, I don’t like really painful activities. Having said that, these activities end up turning me on after the pain recedes. Sometimes, I get and stay hard during this torture. It’s something I need.

There’s another point: As a bottom, I need practice to raise my tolerance to painful play. Just as I need regular anal penetration to comfortably accommodate our anal toys, I need intense stimulation to be able to better tolerate this sort of play.

Take tiny clothespins. These little monsters hurt like hell, especially on the head of my penis. Mrs. Lion knows I fear and hate them. She doesn’t want to hurt me that much. Well, how much she wants to hurt me seems to vary. Lioness 2.0 doesn’t mind hurting me at all. 3.0 is indifferent to my pain.

This is just an example of the play she has come up with that I hate — or maybe love to hate. I never intended for her to avoid doing this because it hurts a lot. Maybe starting out with just one clothespin that spends only 30 seconds on my penis is a way to start. If she sets a goal of a ring of them around the head of my penis, she can gradually build up to it.

The same sort of thing is true of anal play. “Teach” me to accept bigger dildos that fuck me faster, harder, and longer. I don’t know if that appeals to her. But I think that doing things where she can make measurable progress and report it to you, might reignite the S/M flame. It might do it for no other reason than she is doing things that she discovered, not things that I want her to do.

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