Maybe I’d Like a Spanking

There are times I wonder why Lion wants me to spank him. This morning, for example, I watched him walk into the bathroom and saw marks on his buns, presumably from last night’s spanking. They aren’t deep bruises. Just some marks that could easily be from his scratching from allergies. I must admit, I don’t get it.

Lion swatted me playfully on the ass once. It wasn’t hard enough to be painful. It was maybe a little harder than a love tap you see couples give each other in public. It didn’t make me get all soft and mushy inside. When I do the same thing to Lion, it makes him hopeful that I’ll continue. I assume it’s similar to when I grab his cock and balls in the kitchen. Ignition sequence has started. Standby for liftoff. And, dammit, the inevitable abort mission because we’re in the middle of the kitchen.

Luckily, I don’t have to understand why he wants me to spank him. He likes it so I do it for him. I’d equate it to opera, I guess. I don’t get the attraction, but Lion likes it so I go with him. I won’t say either is distasteful. Neither spanking nor opera has done me any harm. Thanks to subtitles I can follow the story in opera. I can make fun of, in my mind, the costumes or the (over)acting. Thanks to Lion’s subtitles (yelps) I can follow his journey a little. I can tell if I’ve hit a sore spot. I can tell if I’m not being effective. I can tell if he really wants to get away but is holding still the best he can so he doesn’t earn more swats.

At one point I told Lion he should spank me so maybe I’d understand. He declined. He was afraid I’d like it and I wouldn’t want to spank him anymore. Ha! I highly doubt it. I’d be more likely to be pissed because it hurt. I was only trying to understand what a “good” spanking consisted of. Yes, I was naïve. In hindsight, no pun intended, I didn’t realize how much of a spanking Lion could take and I’m not sure his lightest swats would have been light enough for me. He may have saved our relationship, but not for the reason he thought at the time.

Last night I informed Lion he had received all his punishment for forgetting last Saturday’s punishment day. He has two more nights for interrupting and annoying me. And, yes, he’s already reminded me today is punishment day. Good boy!

[Lion — Years before I met Mrs. Lion, I had a play partner who talked to me. One evening, she said that she wanted to see what it felt like to bottom. She wanted me to restrain her and paddle her bottom the way she paddled mine. Foolishly, I agreed. I put the wrist restraints on her, got out the same paddle she used, and began spanking her. I didn’t hit her as hard as she hit me. It went on for a while. Her cheeks got pink and she asked me to stop. After I released the restraints, she said that she was sorry. She had no idea how much that paddle hurt. It took her a long time to get back the intensity she had topping me before her “test” spanking. I’m not going to make that mistake again.]