new yorker map of the world
The New Yorker map of the world. Looks right to me.

I may seem fixated on the idea of getting a male chastity device that locks the head of my penis firmly in place. Maybe I am. To me at least, the one problem that makes it difficult to wear a device is that I can’t confidently pee standing up. It may seem like a small thing, but it’s the one activity my penis has to perform locked or not. If it weren’t for that one little thing, I could simply forget about being locked in a chastity device except when I try to become sexually aroused. That would be the ideal.

My penis gets entirely too much of my attention. It’s the part of my body I think about the most. One important function of a male chastity device is to reduce its wearer’s attention to his penis. Have you ever seen the New Yorker magazine map of the world? New York City takes up most of the map with some space for New Jersey then nothing until California. It’s supposed to be how native New Yorkers view the world. I’m a native New Yorker and I can vouch for the accuracy of this perception.

I think a male’s anatomical map would have a similar distortion. His penis would take up most of the image. It would be the size of a baseball bat.

Even in this view where my cock is in the center, it surprised me how insignificant it is in relation to the rest of me.

You may not believe this in a literal sense. But when I look at a full length view of my body, I can’t believe what a small amount of real estate my genitals occupy.

If I consider a different sort of representation, one based on sensations, then my penis would fill almost all of the frame.

I’m sure that women have equivalent anatomical distortions when they think of themselves. I suspect that many focus on parts of their bodies that they believe are less desirable.

I figured that over time being locked in a chastity device, my mental image of my penis would shrink much the way the physical one does when locked in its 1 inch cage.

Even after six years that hasn’t happened. My erection is enormous in my mind. The rest of the world sees a very average 6″ x 1.5″ weenie. When Mrs. Lion plays with it, I see it towering above my bellybutton like the Eiffel Tower in Paris.

In my mind, my erection dominates the landscape. In reality, it’s barely six inches long and 1-1/2 inches in diameter.

When I’m in the cage I don’t picture myself in my tiny penis prison. My mental image is of a wild lion mammoth cock. In fact, if I picture my penis, it’s generally erect. I like to think of myself as hard and happy.

It’s true that when I’m locked up I don’t think about sex very much. I only think about my cock when it needs adjustment or when I have to pee. I do have sexual thoughts, but they rarely reach the point that my penis physically reacts. Part of this may be aging, but most I think is the lesson time has taught me: I can’t get hard and I can’t get off when I’m locked up, so what’s the point?.

If I actually get my ideal male chastity device that makes urination as effortless as it is when I’m wild, I wonder if thoughts of my male anatomy will fade even further into the background.

If you think about it, the male chastity device converts the penis into a utilitarian means of excretion. It has no sexual functionality. Even if the man it’s connected to wants sexual action, the hardware forcibly reminds him that his penis no longer has that capability.

This realization makes the occasional release by the keyholder even sweeter. She and she alone can magically restore his penis into the magic wand that can provide women with orgasms and himself with joy of ejaculation.


  1. I empathize with your urinary struggles. I was taken aback when my owner informed me that I was to always sit to urinate, shortly after starting with chastity. After 9 months, it almost feels normal and certainly addresses the alignment issues. It would still be nice to have the option to stand, which current cages make an adventure regardless. As you’ve pointed out, the Nub gets this right – generally – but I’d rather not be in that device. I appreciate your relentless pursuit of the perfect cage, even if I won’t need it.

    1. Author

      If alignment is off and I sit, the spray gives me a shower where I don’t want one. I don’t know about you, but I have a harder time fully emptying my bladder when I sit.

      1. The occasional unwelcome shower happens sometimes, though pretty rarely. My bladder plumbing is thankfully unaffected by sitting v. standing. Semi-related – I recently had reason to believe my owner was planning to involve diapers, felt a sense of dread and then wondered if she reads your blog. False alarm though.

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