It’s Different When The Cage Is On

In her post yesterday, Mrs. Lion wrote that I may be sorry that I reminded her to lock me in my Jail Bird. She went on to say that she might be too tired after doing chores to unlock me and tease me. She said that I would be sorry that I asked to be locked up. This is an interesting observation. It’s been well established that I’m trained not to masturbate. If I were wild and Mrs. Lion tired, I wouldn’t get any teasing. How is this different from being left in my chastity device and not teased? It appears that in her mind there is a difference.

Up until now, my assumption has been that wearing the device is something I want. I like that it’s a symbol of my commitment to my lioness. It satisfies a bondage kink too. Clearly, it has a value to Mrs. Lion as well. I suspect it may be related to the fact that the hardware has to come off before any sexual activity can begin. If I’m left wild, simply remaining on her side of the bed is a passive way to not provide me with sexual activity. Obviously, she can also stay on her side of the bed if I’m locked in my chastity device. However, the very fact that it’s locked around my penis reminds her that she has physical control over me.

I didn’t suspect that she thought this way. But I can’t think of any other reason why she would write that I’ll be sorry I asked to be locked up if she chooses to ignore me because she is tired. I won’t be any sorrier if the device stays on and I get no fun than I would be if wild and un-teased. After all, I’m way past doing it myself.

I think this is good news. No, not that she might ignore me. The good news is that lacking me a chastity device has meaning to her beyond the trouble of putting it on and taking it off my cock. There is one other possible explanation for what she wrote. She might’ve done it just to tease me and feed into my feelings about wearing a chastity device. Or, it might be a combination of these things.

In the early hours of the morning when I was half asleep, I did think about the fact that I could be left caged for days on end. That thought felt very powerful to me. I realized that being ignored sexually when wild is the same thing. Before Friday night, Mrs. Lion stayed away from my penis for a couple of days. I was wild and available. Having the same thing happen while caged would feel different. I realize this is absolutely irrational. But it would.

Even though the outcome — no sexual stimulation — would be the same, remaining in the cage feels more like an overt act; being ignored more passive. In fact, both are equally passive. Neither requires any action on Mrs. Lion’s part. It just feels different to me. Maybe the power of being physically restrained in the chastity device resides more in the intention of the keyholder than the actual barrier to masturbation.

When Mrs. Lion locks me in, she is consciously letting me know that until she releases me, I will not experience any sexual stimulation. I won’t be able to get an erection until she lets me out. I’ve always felt this way about being locked in a chastity device. I’m starting to think that on some level she feels the same way. If I’m in the device, simply putting off snuggling and teasing because she’s tired has much more meaning than if I was available without a physical barrier between the world and my penis.

It’s not easy for me to put into words. If I’m wild, putting off activity isn’t conscious. It’s just a consequence of being tired or not feeling interested in stimulating me. However, if I’ve been locked in my cage, it feels more like a decision rather than procrastination, when stimulation is withheld.

Significant or not, I am back in the Jail Bird. I’m not going to be able to have an erection until Mrs. Lion decides to release me for teasing. Because the device is in place, I’m much more aware of this.


  1. I like when my Queen touches Angus through the cage. It emphasizes her control. Which of course I find hot!! lol

    1. Author

      For some reason, I don’t get a thrill when touched through the cage. It may be that the short cage only exposes the head.

      1. It isn’t that it feels unusually good, it is the fact that she is checking out her property. That does something for me!

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