Whoops, I Did It Again

We went out shopping yesterday and we bought a nine pound turkey breast. As I was getting it out of the car, it got hung up on the cargo net. In all fairness, it was in a reusable bag with orange juice and some other things. I’m not a complete weakling. I pulled and pulled and realized my shoulder was telling me to stop, so I switched to my recently sore shoulder. Then I realized what a bad idea that was. I finally got the bag out but both shoulders/arms were telling me how stupid that maneuver was. I was worried I was in for days of pain. I still am. However, I still have things to do. A load of laundry is in and I have to try to clear as much of the branches as I can from the driveway.

What I forgot to do last night, because I was tired and nominally sore, was to spank Lion for spilling salsa on his shirt. As he said, he’s not required to remind me so he didn’t. I also didn’t feel up to playing, which I’d mentioned in my post. Lion was looking forward to another hand job with lube, even if it was just edging. It was pretty late by the time we snuggled anyway, but I felt bad. Somehow I’d assumed Lion knew I was tired and a little sore. I have no idea how he would have known. I don’t think I told him. But I was starting to get frustrated with him for not realizing it.

When I finally realized that there’s no way he should have realized, I felt worse. I offered a few times to play with him. He was very understanding. He’d taken a few naps along the way so he wasn’t tired. He just wanted me to feel better. He’s such a good guy. Maybe I shouldn’t spank him for spilling salsa. Nah!

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  1. Spank him. You have to teach him that there are consequences and they are not negotiable

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