Spanking is an important interaction for us. Over the years, it evolved from BDSM to domestic discipline. Along the way, I’ve learned a lot. Only recently, an interesting memory bubbled up into my consciousness. I must have been seven or eight years old. My parents had friends over and I came downstairs in my pajamas. I don’t remember what, but I did something bratty. My mother sat down on a chair and pulled me to her. She told me that she was going to spank me. Neither parent ever did that before.

I remember that I was standing in front of her when she pulled down my pajama bottoms. She pulled me over her knee and gave me a little tap. Then she stood me up, pulled up my PJ’s, and told me to go to bed. This memory has surfaced from time to time. I never understood why she didn’t actually spank me. I finally remember why.

When she pulled down my PJs, I had an erection. I’m sure of that. I don’t think it registered to her until she pulled me over her lap and felt it. That’s when she decided to stop. It makes sense now. My seven-year-old brain had no concept of sexual arousal. All I knew was that it felt good to think about being spanked or tied up. I knew that I got erections but had no idea that they had any value or purpose. I didn’t learn what they were about until I was eleven.

I come by my interest in spanking organically. It’s been part of me since childhood. I didn’t understand that until I was in my thirties. That was when I began chatting online. People talked about adult spanking as a fun, sexy thing to do. I got hard every time I read what people were saying about it. I casually asked my wife if she would spank me. She said no.

That was the beginning of the end of my marriage to her. The more I read, the more I wanted to experience it. I met a couple of the women I chatted with online and finally experienced spanking. I both gave and received. I loved both. It was something I was born to do.

When I met Mrs. Lion, I didn’t immediately ask her to spank me. By that point, I had quite a bit of BDSM experience under my belt. Most of it was as a top. After a few dates, I told her that I wanted to be spanked. She agreed to try. One thing about my lioness is that she is always ready to try something new. I barely felt her initial attempts, but she was gamely trying to accommodate me.

That was over fifteen years ago. Mrs. Lion learned to deliver memorable spankings. When I expressed interest in changing our spanking from play to punishment, she agreed to try. We began domestic discipline. That was about five years ago. It’s now an integral part of our marriage. I feel her spankings for at least three days after she administers them. More importantly, her punishments are effective in changing my behavior.

We discovered that my need to be spanked hasn’t diminished because spanking is now a punishment. If I don’t get into trouble for a couple of weeks, Mrs. Lion helps me by refocusing my attention on what happens if I am naughty. She gives me a five-minute “Just Because” spanking. It works to keep us both focused on domestic discipline and also satisfies my deep need for spanking.

It turns out we’re not that odd. Several studies revealed over 85 percent of men and women have spanking fantasies. We make them come true.

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