She Got Wet When She Beat Me

A long time ago, when I was still vanilla but Harbored dark, BDSM fantasies, I met and eventually lived with a woman who found these ideas interesting. We both did a lot of reading. At that time, the World Wide Web wasn’t around and the only way to get information was through books or life connections.

She found the reading as interesting as I did. It didn’t take long before we went to a sex shop in New York City and purchased a set of leather restraints, leather paddle, and the long riding crop. Once home, we ehxperimented. First, I tied her to the bed and spanked her. The next morning, she was in a foul mood. It was clear to both of us that she didn’t like to bottom.

The second night was a bit different she secured me with the restraints face-down on the bed. She began spanking me with the paddle. I started out with a raging erection. It didn’t take long to go away. Surprising, to me, after a while the paddling felt good; not Christmas-morning good, but nice. She then began hitting me with the crop. She used the shaft as well as the tip. I squirmed with each blow.

After a short time, she stopped and removed the restraints. She told me it was time to be an “attack lion” and mount her. She came almost as soon as I entered her. She kept the crop in her hand and used it to encourage me to move faster as I fucked her. It was as though she was riding like a horse, even though I was on top.

Over time, her use of the crop during intercourse came to be known as “lion cruise control”. It was obvious we found our roles. It turned out that a couple of things really turned her on. One, which was a surprise to me, was that she liked it when I was inescapably restrained. We bought heavy-duty Master Locks to secure the leather restraints on my wrists and ankles. There was no chance I can get out of them.

When she wanted to flip me over, she unlocked my left or right side, ankle and wrist, have me roll halfway over and secure that side before releasing the other side to allow me to finish my move. Since the restraints were locked on, this maneuver guaranteed I couldn’t get loose even if I wanted to.

The other thing that turned her on was seeing me “suffer”. For example, when I squirmed as she beat me with the crop, it turned her on to see I couldn’t stop the punishment. That particular activity never ceased to drive her crazy. She couldn’t do it for more than a minute or two before she had to be mounted.

Of course she found other things as well. One was a particularly dirty trick. I was lying face down tightly secured to the bed and I felt her hands massaging my balls. It felt so good. She stopped, and a minute or two later my ball started feeling very warm. They got hotter and hotter. When they were really burning, she told me she had massaged BenGay into them. I couldn’t believe that something that felt so good could make me so miserable. To this day it is exciting to have hot stuff applied to my balls even though it invariably makes me miserable.

Now, many years later, I realize how rare this mutual arousal is. Mrs. Lion, for example, has never gotten sexually aroused when beating me or otherwise making me suffer. That’s not intended to be critical. In all fairness, in the many years I was top, I was never particularly turned on torturing my bottoms. I was doing it because they wanted it and because it was fun.

I suppose that in an ideal world, it would be great for both partners to be sexually satisfied in their BDSM roles. In my experience, bottoms are most likely to be sexually aroused. Let’s face it, topping is a service. A lot of men pay professional dominatrixes to top them. topping is a service, right?

I’m very lucky that Mrs. Lion loves me enough to scratch my kinky itches. She brings me a lot of peace and pleasure through her ministrations.

I’m pretty sure that there aren’t many keyholders who get pleasure out of locking their partners in chastity devices. I’m also pretty sure that most of the guys wearing those devices, imagine that their partners get a great deal of pleasure out of locking them up. They believe that doing some extra housework and giving some extra oral attention makes the process worthwhile for their partners.

I believe that’s just not true. Think about it. Wouldn’t you give your partner oral sex as often as she wants with or without chastity device on your penis? Wouldn’t you help her manage your home even if she doesn’t withhold sex to encourage you? The answer better be yes.


  1. Your story gave me one hell of an erection. Unfortunately my cage prevented it occurring.

    1. Author

      I know how that feels. 🙂

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