Meh, Bloggers, And Spanks

Valentine’s Day featured our first lubed wank in a very long time. Mrs. Lion gave me a full orgasm. It wasn’t the best. It took a very long time and my sensations weren’t as intense as I had hoped. When we discussed it, Mrs. Lion said that she thought we needed to use more lube. She felt more resistance than she wanted.

From my perspective, I felt less sensation. I suspect that part of the issue may be the sort of motion she was using. Essentially, she masturbated me with the standard up-and-down grip she uses when jerking me off dry. I don’t know. Maybe there needs to be a change in technique. Or, perhaps we just do better without the lubrication. Mrs. Lion is prepared to continue experimenting.

Now for something completely different. I’ve noticed that new bloggers, particularly in the area of male chastity and femdom, like to pontificate on the right way to practice their arts. I suppose there’s a temptation to translate newfound excitement into preaching. Sadly, the information they give is frequently quite flawed.

You can always tell when someone is doing this. They generalize and use the word “should” a lot. Those of us who have been at it for many years are past the advice stage. I know that I like to teach and will offer information and suggestions. But I don’t expect that what works for Mrs. Lion and I will necessarily work for you. I wonder why people with little or no information want to write about things they don’t yet know.

Anyway, it bothers me when I read stuff that I know moves people in the wrong direction. It’s hard for me to just shrug and move on to the next blog. I don’t leave comments because disagreement on the Internet is always wildly exaggerated. There must be something about this medium that makes any contradictions instantly contentious.

On the other end of the spectrum, there are blogs I eagerly read every time something new is posted. One of my favorites is Julie is a married woman who writes about her adventures in spanking and domination. She has an absolute flare for turning on her readers. She shamelessly admits that she enhances the events she writes about to provide maximum sexual titillation. She assures us that the events themselves are accurately depicted. She just adds a little extra seasoning to make sure we are hard and hopefully, stroking. She has a vast following of male readers who write her emails and comment on her writing. I am absolutely a fan.

Another blog I enjoy comes from a guy named Drew ( He’s a gay man who is exploring both domination and submission. He’s a very entertaining writer and has truly interesting perspectives on his power exchange. His lifestyle is very different from ours and I enjoy seeing how all this plays out through his eyes.

I read a bunch of other blogs as well. It’s always fun to understand how other people do the things we do. Mrs. Lion and I are unique in one respect: We work hard to write posts every single day. It means that what you read are not necessarily exciting highlights. Instead, it’s the continuing drama of our sexual lives. This is a true Journal. Along the way we’ve made some online friends. I value their input and enjoy reading about their lives as well.

Please don’t feel slighted if I didn’t mention your blog. I’m not attempting to do an encyclopedic review of all of the material I enjoy. Anyway, the weekend is upon us. Today, Saturday, is punishment day. Due to the snow and the power failure we haven’t had any spanking activity in a while. I imagine Mrs. Lion will correct that shortly. Stay tuned.


  1. As a result of following your blog (I think I’ve read at least 2500 of your posts) I was introduced to strictjuliespanks. However I have never been able to follow her directly. I only get to her blog through your link. Or occasionally through links others post. I suppose that makes following you even more critical for me!😜

    1. Author

      Thank you for your loyalty. I’m glad you’ve discovered Julie’s hot blog. I’m delighted that you read almost all of our posts. It feels very good to know that you are a part of our lives.

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